Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just A Beadin'...On The PiggyPie Chart 4

BeadIt, Yeah Just BeadIt! 
I'd be listening and singing along with that tune while Beading, but  for ONE...
I can't sing and TWO I have to COUNT....past TWO!

Here's my Beading Count Cadence for Beading Row #82...
Knit 1 ... Load Bead on Crochet Hook and Slip Hook in Stitch 2...

...Slip Stitch 2 off Knitting Needle onto Crochet Hook...

...Slide Bead off Crochet Hook onto Stitch 2 holding Loop on Hook...

...Slip Stitch 2 back on Knitting Needle...

...Knit Stitch 2...Knit 3 4 5 6 7...Repeat Beading Steps on Stitch 8...

...Knit 9 10 11 12 13...Repeat Beading Steps on Stitch 14...Knit 15 16 17 18...

...Repeat 3l more times = 32 Sets of 18 stitches Beaded

Doin' the Math
32 MultiPie'd by 3 Beads = 96 Beads on 96 Stitches = 96 Bead Loaded Hooks
So, with every Row having 576 stitches and 96 of them are beaded that leaves 480 stitches unbeaded. 

Doin' Higher Math
96 BLH's MultiPie'd by 4 Rows...80-82-104-106 = 384 BLH's, Stitches and Beads
That means that by the time I finish Row 106 I will have
Beaded 384 Stitches and knitted 1,920 unbeaded stitches in 4 Rows
and with the 20 Rows of Knits, YarnOvers, K2tog's and SSK's
which amounts to 11,520 stitches,
I will have been Beadin' and Knittin' for the better part of
13,824 Stitches!

My PiggyPie Shawl/Sweater

Now with my Self-Bestowed BLH PHd in MultiPieCation
 I'm hoping that on Rows 83 through 102 I will be able to Listen and SingAlong!
By the time I have to BeadIt again on Rows 104 and 106
I'll probably end up Back On BeadIt Row 80
with my First MultiPieCation Degree
and just's not even Wednesday!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Belated Bunny and Beaded PiggyPie Sweater

Yes, I know Easter has come and gone, but I wasn't ready with my Easter presentation until now!

TaDa!  Happy Belated Bunny Blankee-Sweater Easter!
I'm just so happy to have FINISHED a project!
This Sweet Sweater, Blankee and Bunny will go to my Baby Stash for Future Family Babes!
I'm also counting it as my Wednesday Knit Sweater for this week.

I'm counting The Piggy Pie Sweater as my Wednesday Sweater for this week
 and for several weeks to come.

It's CHART 4 and an Increase of Stitches to 576 which at the end of the
Chart will MultiPie into a Kabillion!
It's a good thing that the Wednesday Knitters are on a Two Week Break and the
Piggy Pie Sweater Class has Two Weeks for Chart 4!
I'm going to be busy with lots of YO's and DD-SSKPSSO's...oh and BEADS!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Progressive Lace Scarf Update

It's Halfinished...

Whew!  Just finished the first are Patterns 5 and 6.

Patterns 1 and 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

Pattern 5

Pattern 6

and the Whole Half Enchilada!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Knitters Back To Sweaters

Remember Susan B's 'Must Have Cardigan? 
 It Must Have been sirenly calling her to...Pick Me Pick Me for Wednesday Knitting!
For there it was today!
Isn't it amazing?

Gretchen is Sticking to Steeks and FairIsle Sweater Knitting, but this project is a
 Cup Cozy instead of her beginning sweater, the Tea Cozy.
We are all going to get a chance to make this Cup Cozy at our next Concho Valley Knitting Guild meeting!

Gina is so far ahead on her Challenge Sweater that she has switched over to the Piggy Pie Sweater/Shawl!
She declared it a Sweater as it has sleeves.
Works for me since I'm in the same class and will probably claim the same
 'Yes It's A Sweater' for next Wednesday.

Actually, I'm claiming the 'Yes It's a Sweater' excuse this week as I am opting out of my
Bagged Challenge Sweater...again... this week to work on this 'Quickie Baby Sweater'.
It goes with the Quickie Blankee made several weeks ago which really needed this
Sweet Sweater to make it a complete layette. 
I'll probably have to really complete the layette with the hat and booties.
Oh well....MAYBE next week will be the Challenge Sweaters Unbagging!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Am Hooked On Lace Knitting

It's TRUE....I am Hooked on Lace Knitting....BUT Wait.....There's More.....
More Projects that have me HOOKED Up!

Projects....Bags and Baskets FULL of Projects!
All lined up in my Sewing/Knitting least I'm an Organized WIP Knitter!
Yep! I've decided to GiveIn To StartArexia!

I have finished several this Red-Black-Tan Bag and the Teal and Green Bag, too!
Both are now holding Just Started Projects!
I've always been a Multi-Tasker, so I've decided to Go With the GetErStarted Urge
 that strikes when I see a Yarn and Pattern that is sooooo Irrrresssitble!

Like this AWESOME 'Lovely Leaf Lace' Scarf. 
The pattern is from Purl Bee....HERE is the Link.
I'm knitting with Red Heart Soft worsted weight on #7 straights.  The lace pattern is a 16 row repeat for 6 times and then it is lots of Stockinette for the length and a repeat of the lace pattern for the other end. 
I have a plan to Let Bonda do the Stockinette. 
 She's sooooo much faster at Stockinette and she likes doing that boring stuff....I like doing the Lace Stuff!
(Bonda is my Knitting Machine....just in case you haven't met her)

The Progressive Lace Scarf is progressing.  I'm really lovin' this scarf. 
It's a project that keeps me interested with the 6 different lace patterns.
This pattern was designed by our Concho Valley Knitters Guild President,
and presented to the members as a program back in February.

Another FINISHED BAG now holds the Zepher Shawl. 
It's knitting right along and is a Grab The Bag and Go Project. 

Here's a Just Started Project for SusanB.  This is WONDERFUL Wool Chunky Yarn.
It's going to be a Yarn Basket Bag, and will probably be Felted!
This is also a Purl Bee Pattern.  It's HERE if you'd like a Quick Crochet Project.
You can see several I have made HERE.

In my last post...Yarn and Pansies...Pretty Powerful Stuff...I told ya about the Pie Shawl Class.
We had our first lesson last Thursday, April 7th and this is my START!
I have to tell you though that I did start it TWICE!
I'm PurtyPumped about this Lace Shawl.  I'm finished with Part I and ready for this Thursday's Class and Part II....I'm thinkin' there may be all the way to Part Kabillion!

Here it is with the latest increase and on larger circular. 
 Have I mentioned how Hooked I Am on Lace Knitting?

What's THIS?
My Bagged Sweater Challenge and TWO Empty Bags!!!
Guess I'd better take a StartAnother Pattern Pill....make that TWO....wait...make that THREE!
One for each Empty Bag and One to Get Started Back on the Sweater
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