Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yarn and Pansies...Pretty Powerful Stuff

What do Yarn and Pansies have in common?

Chandler Cottage!!!
It's a breath of Fresh Spring Air!
It's a Yarnee's Dream Cottage!
It's the Concho Valley Knitting Guild's Meeting Place.

The Concho Valley Knitting Guild meets here on the Fourth Monday of the Month.
Susan B and I were greeted by the beautiful Spring Flower Garden which I could not
 resist photographing before the meeting.

Our program was on Shawls!
OMGosh!  Like I'm not suffering enough from ShawlStartArexia!
Nupe! Nupe! Nupe!
I guess not as I SignedUp to START this AMAZING Lace Pi Shawl on April 7th!!!
What Am I Thinkin'!!!!


  1. OMGoodness -- yarn and flowers -- love ;)! I can't wait to get out to Angelo so I can visit the new yarn shop (what about Judith's?) and hopefully see you lovelies as well. And that Pi shawl - gorgeous! Have fun!

  2. What color will yours be? I think it's lovely and it looks extremely hard to make!~Ames

  3. You'll whip through that pattern, Smarty!


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