Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming Soon ~ HowTo Make A Round Sleeve Square...Again!

Here it is Saturday!  What happened to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?
I should have already Posted the Wednesday Knitters Episode....BUT...
Well, it was a Made for Video Episode and it's still Under Construction!
So until I Get Er Done....that is spliced, edited, and's a shot of the topic!
I know!  I'm confused, too!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Wednesday Sknitters Speak Knitish!

Sknitters!  You have heard of that...right? 

As a Texas Linguist and a NoVice Knitter, I sometimes have to make my own sense of knitting terms.  Like Steeks, Nupes, Tinks and other foreign words and abbreviations that have me searching through my 'KnitAid' guide. 

Those words flow out of the mouths of the 'Other Three' as if they think they are speaking English!

I'm clueless sometimes when the 'Other Three' speak what I call Knitish.

So I just sit and knit and say, "UhHuh and FerSure" and look like a BobbleHead wearin' Stitch Marker earrings!

Sometimes I  add to the conversation with a few SuNitWit's.  Like Strang, Slippery Stitch, TieOn, Sknitter and S2CPO (slide2chocolate pieces over)!

Pfffffuh!  I'm so with the Knitish!  NOT!!!

That's why I'm so Glad...Happy...Thankful...and downright Grateful to have SusanB as my Sknitter!  She always knows when I don't know!  I don't know how she knows I don't know.  I guess it could be that my BobbleHead is bobbling UhUh instead of UhHuh!  Anyway, she patiently explains that Tink is Knit spelled backwards and what you do when you FrogIt.  Huh?

And she just Smiles and explains that Gretchen likes her Steak Steeks knitted to perfection and that I should stop sucking air when she starts Tinking/Frogging the Steeking for the ????? time.  Then today, when it was just us Two Sknitters, she patiently pointed out that she had replaced the Nupes with Beads on her Advent Scarf.  I must have been Bobbling cause she went on to explain that Nupes were Bumps....made on purpose...and not Knitish for Nope!

Doesn't Susan have a pretty smile?  I mean she was SMILEing while wearing that Homespun Scarf I knitted for her Birthday while I snapped photos, rearranged the table, the flowers, the yarn, the presents, ate the chocolate and sipped diet coke. 
Finally, she said...smiling..."Do you think we need the fan on?" 
 It was 80 something today! 
Perfect weather for a worsted weight scarf! 

 Now to the 'Sweater Challenge'.   Just look at Susan's gorgeous cables!  She's been a bit concerned about posting each week with what she tinks thinks doesn't look like much progress.

So, just to show everyone the Sknitterness of this project, I thought seeing all the Pink TieOns MarkOffs, the Blue Strang Yarn Cakes and the Skins Skeins would give Ya'll an idea of what a Challenge this sweater really is. 

I mean why else would you put big X's on the back of a sweater unless you wanted to point out the difficulty of the background Slippery Stitch!

Well, that brings me to SuKnitWitty's Sweater where the Challenge is to fit what was once a Square Sleeve into a Round ArmHole, but is now a Round Sleeve to fit into a Square Arm Slit Slot Spot Thingie!

I know Ya'll understood every word of that Knitish and will be anxiously awaiting the Tutorial.
I'll post that in a few days....I need to consult with my Sknitter Advisor Susan at Seduced by Yarn about the Thingie!

For the rest of this Wednesday Sknitter Post, I'd like to introduce you to a New Challenge Member!

Ooops!  I should have said New Challenge Members Project!  Seems she lost her head, but found this amazing Strang Yarn which she describes as...

The yarn is custom dyed yarn from Prism Yarns.  The name is Wild Stuff Half and contents are rayon, cotton, nylon, kid mohair, bamboo, tencel wool, alpaca, poly. 
 I am making a scarf and it will be one of a kind as the yarn texture, gauge, etc changes as you go. 
Great fun to work with.

Tell Susan Hi and Happy Birthday!
(Her Strang Name)

Next week, Gina will be back with us and we are looking forward to the possibility of GG from Firefly Cottage joining us here in Real Life, as she is planning a trip to Our Town.

Gretchen will be OOT (out of town) and SOHO (steeking on her own) for several weeks.  We will sure MISS her, and hope she posts on her blog The Yarn Sleuth.

If you would like to JOIN us this week it's the SAME as LAST week.  Leave your URL in the Comment Box and I will SuLINKY up with YOU!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


There is no occasion too fancy to express your LOVE of Knitting!

Was this ValentineTea/Knit Partay too Fancy for Four Knitters?
Nupe, Nupe Nupe!!!

SusanB set aside her Challenge Sweater to knit Mitts.  What a LOVERLY yarn!
There's more about the LOVE Mitts and Susan's WIP's on Seduced By Yarn.
Now back to the Love Knit Fest Feast!

Gals Gotta Have Flowers, Hearts, Brownies and Valentine Tea while they Knit....and We did!
Thanks Susan for the Brownies!  Thanks Gretchen for the Flowers!  Thanks Gina for the Chocolates!

Gina set aside her 'Challenge Sweater' this week to knit her Granddaughter a Valentine Sweater. 

Such a perfect color and yarn for a little Sweetheart.  Gina is probably way ahead on her 'Challenge Sweater' and will have this Pretty Pink one, a hat and matching mitts done before Valentines Day!  Besides being a LOVERLY knitter, she's F A S T!

Gretchen has practiced her Steaking Steeking Stitch enough that she's Casting on the TeaPot Sweater for the ???? time.  She's a LOVERLY Perfectionist!  Visit her Lovely Blog, The Yarn Sleuth for more Knitting Perfection.

Did I mention that we had Valentine Tea and Brownies?  I just wanted to be sure to share those with Ya'll. 

Susan B brought her new Gadget....The Yarn Susan! 
 Nupe, it's not her invention and Nupe, it wasn't named after her.....she's definately not a Lazy Susan!
Susan posted about her Yarn Susan  HERE.
I posted about my Version HERE.
I set aside my 'Challenge Sweater' to knit a scarf for my Mom's Birthday this Friday. 

I knitted it out of Homespun in about Thirty Minutes.  Am I  F A S T or what?  Don't answer that!  You know I'm not a Fast Knitter!  A quick  look in my Knitting WIP's and Yarn Stash is all it takes to see that not only am I not fast, but I'm not much good at another F word....Finishing!

So are you wondering how someone with MultipleFinishArexia can whip out a scarf in thirty minutes? 

She's called 'Bonda'!  My Bond Knitting Machine!
Of course it will take three or four times that amount of time to crochet the border...but hey that's still alot F A S T E R than my usual speed.

We hope your Valentine Knitting has been as much fun as Ours!
Last week, the Linky Expired....and I don't mean like Died.
 It seems the sponsor has become so popular that it is no longer Free, and my Free Time Period has Expired.
So, here's my SuLinky Solution.
Leave YOUR Link..your Name and Blog the Comment Box.
I will visit your Blog...Copy a picture...and Link to Our Wednesday Knit Post!
Just like THIS...

Happy Valentine Knitting! 
Love Ya'll,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gosh Yarn It...I Can't Help If I'm A Redneck Knitter!

Gosh Yarn it, I'm always a Day Late and a Dollar Short.  I knew it, I just knew I shoulda got my patent papers filed Sooner than Later!  I could be makin' UTubulars, autographing Bloggy's, settin' up PayPal and makin' Big Bucks on my new invention....The Yarn Cake Thingie! 

I'm a total DoFus...I waited too long, and the reason is, I wanted to give the Yarn World a SureFire Guaranteed High Quality Product!  No kiddin'...using the best materials available was a high priority!

I was right on the verge of getting the footwork down where the Thingie would spin smoothly with just a flip of the BigToe!  No matter that the Thingie wouldn't SuckUp to the spinner.  I had visions of a Classy Silver Adhesive....or what we Texans refer to as Southern Engineering Duct Tape.

Why I even had the foresight to make it completely portable.  You never know how long you'll be, and it's important to complete the row before putting down the project.  At least that's what I hear!  Just think the, SuckUp end has multiple uses....well, you never know!

Now if you are less of a Redneck Knitter than I am, you might like this Fancyarn Cake Thingie!

Or this one for knitting Dish Rags!

It doubles as a Paper Towel I said...Multipurpose.  More Bang for your Buck! 
Well, You can imagine my devastation when I read SusanB's post today and saw this UTube video...

Now Susan and I are alot alike in that we both really like neat Knitting Gadgets.
 There's just a few differences in our Knitting experiences and things we like. 
For instance, she likes Tea and I like Coffee. 
She's a lot more Sophisticated about Knitting, and since she's from the North, she doesn't know much about Southern Engineering and Redneck Knitting!
I like to make Something out of Nothing and Susan has KnitPick on Speed Dial!
I guess I'll have to give the Yarn Cake Thingie I made for her to Gina!
I'd make one for Gretchen, but she's from somewhere farther North than Susan, and she's probably already got a Yarn Susan, too!
Gosh Yarn It!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Road Knitters...NoWay on This Wednesday!

The Icy Snow blew into Texas on Tuesday!  Who knew it would stay through Wednesday...and maybe through Thursday! 

Good Grief, it was REALLY EIGHT Degrees....I know....for some of the USA, that's a Heat Wave. 

But here in Texas, we are just not use to the kind of cold that you have to kick a hole in the air, just to get outside!

Where there's a Knittin' Will there's a Way To Knit 4tog....good one huh?  And Knit Together we did....Virtually!

The wonder of the long as the BrownOut doesn't hit as I'm posting. 

Gretchen kept her Needles Warmed Up with this Smokin' Hot Pink yarn. 
She's takin' a break from the Tea Cozy Sweater to make these Mitts for her niece. 
What a great IcyHot Photo! Thanks, Gretchen for sending it via Email. 

SusanB emailed this Fantastic Foto of her Sweater. 
I saw where she also posted about PunxsutaneyPhil NOT seeing his shadow. 
Good thing he wasn't in was so cold the Groundhogs at the Park were throwing themselves at the Electric Fence.

Here's my Round Sleeve that has to fit onto the Square Sweater. 
 Good thing I'm not counting on wearing it to stay's way to Skimpy.
I kicked a hole in the air and threw my stuff out on the Snow and  snapped this picture.

Then I ran right back in through the hole and....

...Knitted by The Fire!

While I'm waiting for Gina to send her Sweater Progress Picture, I'll tell you about my bout with 'MultipleStartArexia! 

I just couldn't help Starting a DishRag or Two or Three!  I'm planning a DishRag KnitIn in April while on a Gals Weekend Retreat, and I've got to have some Rags Started for each of the Gals to Learn To Knit.  That means that every pair of 7 and 8 size Needles I own or can beg borrow and steal are going to have 38 stitches cast on them.   Isn't this a neat dish rag pattern?  I found it on's a Free Pattern and you can find it HERE

Well, my Virtual Mailbox is as empty as my Snail Mailbox...I hope Gina's Sender isn't IcedUp. I'll add her Sweater Progress Photo later. In the meantime, here's the Linky Info for joining the Wednesday Knit FourSome....

The Linky Tool will be OPEN from Post Time until the Following Tuesday. {Link anytime in that Time Period}

Share your Project however you'd like...with photos, photos and text, or just drop in to say Hi!

It was so nice to have Carol from Serendipity and GiGi from Firefly Cottage join us last week.  Be sure and visit SusanB at Seduced by Yarn for the PunxPhil's Report and check out her latest SweaterCapde Post.
Here's The Linky...
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