Thursday, February 10, 2011


There is no occasion too fancy to express your LOVE of Knitting!

Was this ValentineTea/Knit Partay too Fancy for Four Knitters?
Nupe, Nupe Nupe!!!

SusanB set aside her Challenge Sweater to knit Mitts.  What a LOVERLY yarn!
There's more about the LOVE Mitts and Susan's WIP's on Seduced By Yarn.
Now back to the Love Knit Fest Feast!

Gals Gotta Have Flowers, Hearts, Brownies and Valentine Tea while they Knit....and We did!
Thanks Susan for the Brownies!  Thanks Gretchen for the Flowers!  Thanks Gina for the Chocolates!

Gina set aside her 'Challenge Sweater' this week to knit her Granddaughter a Valentine Sweater. 

Such a perfect color and yarn for a little Sweetheart.  Gina is probably way ahead on her 'Challenge Sweater' and will have this Pretty Pink one, a hat and matching mitts done before Valentines Day!  Besides being a LOVERLY knitter, she's F A S T!

Gretchen has practiced her Steaking Steeking Stitch enough that she's Casting on the TeaPot Sweater for the ???? time.  She's a LOVERLY Perfectionist!  Visit her Lovely Blog, The Yarn Sleuth for more Knitting Perfection.

Did I mention that we had Valentine Tea and Brownies?  I just wanted to be sure to share those with Ya'll. 

Susan B brought her new Gadget....The Yarn Susan! 
 Nupe, it's not her invention and Nupe, it wasn't named after her.....she's definately not a Lazy Susan!
Susan posted about her Yarn Susan  HERE.
I posted about my Version HERE.
I set aside my 'Challenge Sweater' to knit a scarf for my Mom's Birthday this Friday. 

I knitted it out of Homespun in about Thirty Minutes.  Am I  F A S T or what?  Don't answer that!  You know I'm not a Fast Knitter!  A quick  look in my Knitting WIP's and Yarn Stash is all it takes to see that not only am I not fast, but I'm not much good at another F word....Finishing!

So are you wondering how someone with MultipleFinishArexia can whip out a scarf in thirty minutes? 

She's called 'Bonda'!  My Bond Knitting Machine!
Of course it will take three or four times that amount of time to crochet the border...but hey that's still alot F A S T E R than my usual speed.

We hope your Valentine Knitting has been as much fun as Ours!
Last week, the Linky Expired....and I don't mean like Died.
 It seems the sponsor has become so popular that it is no longer Free, and my Free Time Period has Expired.
So, here's my SuLinky Solution.
Leave YOUR Link..your Name and Blog the Comment Box.
I will visit your Blog...Copy a picture...and Link to Our Wednesday Knit Post!
Just like THIS...

Happy Valentine Knitting! 
Love Ya'll,


  1. Sue, you guys have so much fun - I'm so envious! I'll be out there around the 21st for a week or so -- maybe we can get together? I'd love to see you all in 'real life' ;). And you all look so purty in your new photos -- glamour girls.
    Thanks so much for linking to my Little Owl!

  2. I bet you guys had a wonderful time knitting together! You girls rock!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful Valentine Tea Party! I had fun and enjoyed the break from my sweater challenge.

  4. I really enjoyed "crashing' your tea party. How fun! Must go make brownies now.... Lynn

  5. My sweet MIL had a knitting machine many years ago. After she died, and her house was sold, someone had to do something with the machine. Unfortunately, the directions had been long lost.

    I can't knit anything other than scarves, and I always appreciate others who are more proficient than I with this wonderful craft!

  6. Oh, I almost forgot! Texas is full of hawks and owls, and other birds of prey. If you live in the suburbs, you just might not see them as often.

  7. Hi Sue- just wanted to say I found some Chocolate tea! I linked to your party on today's post. happy valentine's Day


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