Sunday, February 21, 2010

ApronAholic Reformed...I'm An 'ApronIsta'!!!

Have you caught the 'ISTA' bug? 

Ever since I heard  the 'ISTA' tacked onto Titles...I've wanted to be 'SomeKindaIsta'.

UREEKA  URISTA!!! I think I finally caught It!

I am an 'ApronIsta'!!! 

That's so much better than ApronAholic!!!  Don'tcha think?

Sew...and I mean that's the first of  the 'HanDone Aprons'...
'CowGirls CanCook!'

'CowGirls CanCook' made it's Debut on Pink Saturday!
See the REVIEW .... HERE!

CowGirls CanCook was well received on Pink Saturday, and several wanted to know the Pattern and Fabric.

 Mostly, the Pinkies were surprised that I could DO something other than Collect Aprons. 

They were, however, very supportive of my ApronAholic condition and encouraged me to get on with StepTwo!

StepOne of StepTwo....The Pattern....I used to love going to the Fabric Store to sit and browse through the Simplicity Pattern Books....that was when patterns were $1 or $2 at the most and the $2 was for a Vogue pattern.

I've been in 'PatternPriceShock' for along time now, and have resorted to the art of scrounging the Thrift and Antique Shops for used patterns.  And sometimes they 'Ain't Cheap' either....depending on how old they are.  Yep, it's another Collection!  Simplicty Apron Pattern #2492 can be found online HERE...view at your own Risk for PPS...and it's discounted from the Regular Shocking Price.  Or, you can go to WalMart for a better discount.  Or, do what I did....caught Hancocks $1 PatternSale....Now That's What I'm Talkin About!

StepTwo of StepTwo...RoundUp Yore Stuff.  Found this Pefectly Pink Cowgirl fabric at the Wool N Cotton Shop.  We've been there before on SKW and CIT if you'd like to re-visit.  The cowgirl fabric is by MODA and is called 'Rawhide'.  The other Stuff includes RickRack, wide Bias Tape, Piping and Buttons. I made Concho look by layering two buttons and attaching with perle cotton thread.  Cute huh?

StepThree of StepTwo...Start Sewin.  Now, with a fabric called 'Rawhide', I figured I might better line the straps and part way down the front!
 Ya never know when you might wanna have a 'Surprise CandleLit Dinner' with your HiHoney in nothin but 'YoreApron'.

 StepFour of StepTwo...Finishing Touches.  Concho Buttons and nice long Ties for the Bow that covers 'Yore Booty'....I made mine longer than the pattern.  I have a longer Booty to cover...not that I'd be turnin around for HiHoney to see my Bow!

StepFive of StepTwo...Press and Pose.  Yep, you'll want to have pictures for Sew and Tell! 
If you make this Apron or ANY Apron, and would like to 'FessUp' to your ApronAddiction, EMAIL me a jpeg picture.
It will be posted on CollectInTexas Gals 'The ApronIsta's Sew & Tell' Page.  How fun will that be!!!!

StepSix of StepTwo...RoundUp Yore Stuff...For Another Apron!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Am An Apron~Aholic...Step One!

I'm a 'FeatherWeight' Vintage ApronAHolic!

What can I say!!  I owe it all to my GranMaMinnie.  She was, too!

She gave me my 'First Apron'!

It was the start of ApronLove and GottaHaveAprons!

Sew, now I GottaSew Aprons!

What Style???? Why Vintage of Course!!!!

How many Vintage Aprons can a Vintage Apron Collector Collect? 
 Better yet, how many can she possibly wear, need, want and make before she becomes classified as a Hoarder? 
Have You Seen That Show?  After watching for Five Minutes,
I was into the Apron Collection sifting out the 'Ones That Could Go'.
 It took me Three Days and constant Counseling!

Semi-Cured......Here's ONE that can go....

.....'Swing Your Partner'....$12.50...includes shipping...Available 4Sale...SobSob!!...ETSY or EMAIL

See More Vintage Aprons 4Sale HERE.  

PS...Now I gotta go SEW.
 They will be 4Sale, too.
 Maybe...FerSure...Probably...Definately...I'll wait and see!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bonnet Girls and Wedding Rings

Bonnet Girls and Wedding Rings
Pieced and Quilted by SuKnitWitty

The Bonnet Girls are 1930's Embroidered TeaTowel Designs and the Wedding Rings are  1930's Double Wedding Ring Pieces sewn together and cut into squares.  The Wedding Ring pieces were found at an Antique shop and are original 1930's fabrics as are the Bonnet Girls.

The Quilt is pictured in the center of the Mosaic and is 34 inches square.

Thanks to Mary at the Little Red House for hosting Mosaic Monday!

Let's go visit the Creative Folks on the MM List.

Thanks for Coming and Commenting!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday...Vintage Quilt Tops...Let's QuiltEm'

Being in the Machine Quilting Business has given me many opportunities to deal with Vintage Quilt Tops and their owners, who often have their grandmothers tops or they have purchased them at estate sales and antique shops. There are many of us who love the 1930's to 1960's quilts and fabrics, and some of us who specialize in making them a finished quilt.

So, if you have a Vintage Quilt Top and are wondering how it should be finished or if it should be finished, here are a few guidelines to consider.

1...Are the fabrics in good enough condition that they can be gently tugged on without tearing. Many old tops that have been stored in cedar chests or plastic will rot and stain due to the chemicals released by the wood and polyurethane.

2...Are the fabrics mostly cotton. Many old tops will have a variety of fabrics besides, linen, denim, etc. that have a tendency to ravel away at the seam or deteriorate from age or strong dye processes. Red, black and indigo are the ones to watch for rot and dye run.

3...Are the seams and stitching secure enough for mounting on the machine. Gentle tugging without coming apart, and the top lays relatively flat. Piecing that has puckers and puffs will result in overlaps and tucks.
4...Does the quality of the Piecing (craftsmanship) and the or Intricate Piecing Design vs Scrap Pattern...merit HandQuilting vs Machine Quilting.
5...Does the top merit the expense of finishing either for sentimental or other reasons, and what kind of use is planned for the top once it is quilted.

 Many Vintage Tops loose value when they are machine quilted. This depends on meeting the 1-5 criteria and the historical significance of the top. Let's say for the purpose of getting on with the Machine Quilting that your Top is much like the 1930's String Quilt pictured here. It meets the requirements for Machine Quilting. It was purchased at an estate sale, is hand pieced in a very scrappy string pattern, is relatively flat and square. It's ready to be Machine Quilted.

Here's a Clothes Line of  a few of Vintage Tops that have been machine quilted.  The Two Flower Garden Quilts started out as One Top and the Star Quilt was individual blocks that I put together with recycled feedsacks.  The next quilt was pieced with useable leftovers.  The last quilt was a full size double wedding ring top that I cut in half and made two smaller quilts.

 If you are interested in the next steps for machine quilting a vintage top you are welcome to step Into The Storage Closet for the rest of the Machine Quiting Tutorial #1

There's a Link there to see and meet "QuiltALotty" LongArm Quilting Machine.  If you've never seen one, here's your opportunity.

Thanks to our Vintage Thingie Thursday hostess Suzanne at ColoradoLady.  Let's go see what Vintage Goodies everyone is showing this nearly Valentines Day Thursday!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my Vintage Quilts and have been encouraged to finish that  1930's quilt top you found at an estate sale. 
Thanks for Coming and Commenting!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Woman's Place Is In The World...of Knitting

Welcome to SuKnitWitty's first Mosaic Monday. 
 As my Blog Title implies, I am a WannaBe Knitter. 
When you are a WannaBe, you have all the STUFF, you have the WannaDo, and you are trying to find the WannaTime!

I've been Knitting for about two years, and find that in every project there are new challenges. 
 I've been a LongArm Machine Quilter and Quilt Designer for many years and find that there are still challenges there, too. 

Thanks for visiting  my First Mosaic Monday. 
I hope you have enjoyed my 'Spinner Times Seven' Mosiac.
It's all from my Knitting~Quilting Studio Stash!

Thanks to Mary at Little Red House for Hosting Mosiac Monday!
There's lots more Mosiacs to see there.
Thanks for Coming and Commenting!
 PS...Did you find all SevenSpinners?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Month of February....Show Me Some LOVE!!!

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
SuKnitWitty Loves February!
How About You?
Yep, It's the Month of
...And more CHOCOLATES

February Flower of the Month is the Violet...February 14th is Valentines Day...February BirthStone is the Amethyst

The February Floral Block of the Month is the second block in the 'Calendar Quilt'.  I made it in 2005 using Dakota Collectible's embroidery collection of 'Flowers of the Month'.  The fabric is from the collection designed by the late Doreen Speckmann.  She was a Quilter, Quilt Designer, Teacher and fabric designer for Clothworks. 
The Calendar Quilt hangs in my Quilt Studio above the bed. 

February is Thelma's Birthday Month! Who is Thelma?
Thelma is SKW's Queen Mother!
Happy Birthday Mother on February 11th!

February is the Birthday Month of the 'Sock Wizzardess' aka WednesdayTrio Knitter SusanB.
Happy Birthday February 12th....'DarnIt'!!!!

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue


Sew and Knit

Don't You?
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