Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing With IttyBitty Sewing Machines for Vintage Thingie Thursday

Welcome to SuKnitWitty's Vintage Thingie Thursday. 

 You are probably wondering who SKW is, and why is CollectInTexas Gals Picture sitting over on the SideBar.
Your first reaction might be that I have a 'SplitPersonality' Issue.
 Or perhaps I'm a Twin whose Mama couldn't decide on two 'S' names so she named us 'Sue N Sue'.
There's even the possibility that I have SewMuchStuff  that One Blog wouldn't Hold it All!

SuKnitWitty is my Knittin~Sewin~Quiltin Blog!  It will be a Year Old in May and VTT is it's
First Meme Outting!
So without further AhDo, here's SKW's Collection of Minature Sewing Machines and
 Other Vintage Sewing Items!
They are displayed in my Sewing Room as seen in the picture above.

The Vintage Crocheted Doily serves as a perfect backdrop for this
 Collection of Minature Vintage Sewing Machine Teapots and other Sewing Treasures.
 All the Teapots have lids and several are boxes that open.
 The Two White Machines are Salt and Pepper Shakers and are quite old. 
The Lady Thread Caddy is an early plastic product patterned after the Victorian Period.  The Lady Lifts off to reveal a pin storage niche. 
The Spool Girl is a ceramic figurine...maker unknown, and the
 Singer Recuerdo is constructed of lightweight tin with very acurate detailing on the cabinet and the tiny machine.

The Oldest Sewing Item in the collection is the  SunBonnet Sue Needle Holder. 

It flips open at the top of the hat where it is stitched in yellow thread. 

It is made from felted wool and has some deteriation as wool will do over time. 

The other little Sue is a Lapel Pin made from 1930's Fabrics. 

Thanks for visiting SuKnitWitty on this Vintage Thingie Thursday! 
Thank you 'SewMuch' Suzanne at ColoradoLady for hosting this special day of the week for Vintage Collectors to share our Treasures.
Please Stitch your way over to the list of participants and have a great day of Vintage Thingies.

PS...I hope you'll come back and browse around SKW.  This month I've rearranged  my LongArm Quilting Studio and Sewing Room.  You might be interested in meeting 'QuiltALottty', my LongArm Quilting Machine.  I'll be doing some Tutorials on Machine Quilting a 1930's Pieced Top in the near future.
 I'd love for you to be a SKW Follower and I'll return the Following.
 Thanks for Coming and Commenting...Sue

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks...Or Can You?

'You Talkin Bout Me'?

My Birthday was last November 28th

And this is how many Candles were on My Cakes!

And this is how many Candles were on Your Cake!

 So I know you can't be TalkingBout Me or Sister Ruby!
 She's only a few seconds older...I guess that's why she's so Bossy!

No, Dolly, I'm NOT TalkinBout Ya'll.
I'm TalkinBout SuKnitWitty!!
And, it's not Nice to be ComparinCakes!

I am TalkinBout how I was a 'Reluctant BlogChanger'.  
This 'Old Dog', as HiTekie as I am, has a hard time with "If It Ain't Broke...Don't Fix It".
So, when Blogger came out with the 'New Editor', I said "Nope, I'm good with the 'Old Editor'.
Now, just out of curiosity, I did check it out....right through...

How to enable the new editor...To enable the new editor, first navigate to your blog's Settings ....

To me, that was a WARNING...kinda like what Mama used say about her old Singer...
DO NOT TOUCH the Tension Dial Setting!
So, I Sure DidNot Touch IT for fear the Tension Police would come Take Away my Sewing Machine!
Now, I'm also a firm believer in "Necessity Is The Mother of Invention"!
When you are a 'Seat of YourPants Flyer', like SKW, you're always Inventin! Or at least Needin An Invention!

Well, 'Old Editor' wasn't Broke, but it was Old and OuttaDate and would not let me 'Mess' with Picture Sizing even in the HTML where I flew right into a seat full of 'Real ScaryStuff'.  I backed outta there pretty pronto....I could feel the 'BloggerPolice' breathin down the back of my neck!

Why is it so hard to ask for HELP!  I think I'm 'SuchAKnowItAll'...could that be why? 
Well, anyway, I did ask Blogger Help, "How do I make pictures 'Embigger"?
They were really nice and didn't say, "Well, if you weren't 'SuchAKnowItAll", a 'Reluctant BlogChanger', and had read past the first sentence of the 'New Editor' you would know that the New Editor has an XLarge Picture selection".  And that's not ALL, ya'll!  There's lots of really cool stuff and you don't have to 'Mess' with the HTML and worry about the 'BloggerPolice". 

PS...The picture of Dolly is the templates Large selection and the Collage picture is the XLarge.
 Much EmBiggened, huh?
PPS...You CAN teach an OldDog new tricks!  But first that OldDog has to know the difference between 
'Come Here' and 'SicEm'!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Simple Pleasures Are Life's Treasures

Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy tramping across the country on a clear frosty morning with a good gun and a pair of dogs
does not know how to enjoy life.
Annie Oakley

I couldn't agree more, Annie!
But, let me Re-phrase...

Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy sitting in their SewingRoom with a good Janome and a Pair of Dogs
does not know how to enjoy life.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Miss Letter Writing...Dear PomPom,

I once had an English Teacher who taught letter writing. It was her intention that Girls Raised In Texas should know the proper form and etiquette of letter writing. So, this GRIT practiced handwriting...mostly my name as Mrs.____________ or Sue _________(current beaus last name). I painstakingly wrote in my finest cursive, on ruled notebook was to be graded and had to have the proper heading etc.etc...,and with a Thesarus and Websters close at hand. By now, you know about my Texas Grammar and SpellinSkills, so I won't go into that.

Anyway, Mrs. Henderson, my English Teacher, was a big influence for the rest of my life on the subject of 'Letter Writing'. I really loved writing letters with a nice pen that had a fine point, like the ones that you stuck into a bottle of ink and lifted the latch on the pen to suck up the ink into the handle of the pen. You know the ones...Script...I think was one brand. I was really taken with them when they invented Ink Cartridges. With those you just poked the cartridge into the pointy thing above the pen tip and screwed the handle back on, and you were good to go. Did I mention the drips and permanent ink stains. If you used those pens, well you know about the ink stains.
You know, I miss those pens. I miss letter writing. I miss pretty stationary.

Well, I guess I'll get a 'B+' if I'm lucky. The Cursive is PERFECT (how'd I do that?), no ink splots, I think I spelled everything right, the form is correct, but the insert will keep me from getting an A+.

I guess that's what I get for trying to fool Hewlett~Packard and Windows7 with a HandWritten Letter. (Ahaa! Win7 has the prettiest Handwriting Fonts)(I still like to practice my own tho) ~:)

PS...Click on the letter to Enbiggen. Is that a word? I couldn't fool HP and Blogger into making the letter any larger...I know there's a way! I'll think on it!

PPS...There's no 'Foolin Blogger', so I asked for HELP!  Sure enough, there was a way to get bigger pictures.  Chalk OneUp for "If ya don't know...just ASK!  I guess now Ya'll wanna know?  I'll PostOnIt!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Heart Belongs To NeedleWork

My how Sewing Rooms have changed!
For one thing there's only One of Me making a Mess in my New Sewing Room!
And another thing, I don't get all that dressed up to Sew!
And one more thing, I mostly use a Rotary Cutter and occasionally Scissors, but I sure don't cut with either one in Mid-Air!
And for sure, I don't have a Serving Girl bringing Tea and Cookies!

Sew, I've been the 'DomesticSewinDiva' since the last post where my New Sewing Room was all neat and tidy!

TaDa!!! I made a MESS!!! Without Sewin A Stitch!!!
Yep, somethings are definately different in Sewing Rooms in the 21st Century!
Why if those Gals in the 19th Century or even the early 20th Century had what I have that gets the job done without SewinAStitch,
we probably wouldn't even have all the Fancy Sewin Machines we have today.
The GlueGun would have revolutionized Victorian Embellishments, and boy did they love to Embellish!

Some say I'm a pretty good 'Embellisher', too! Course, it depends on who you're talking to as to what I'm good at Embellishing!
My Friends 'Permilia and Barbs' would tell you it
'Ain't what she Does, but more like what she Says'.
My Bloggin Friends over at CollectInTexas Gal who received the Birthday Party Favors I made while making 'The Mess' would be tellin ya,
"It's what she Does, definately what she Does".

My Heart DOES Belong to NeedleWork...Unless the GlueGun Works!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Purple FeatherWeight...Why I DidNot Wait!!!

When I Am An
I Shall Sew On
A Purple Feather Weight!

Guess What??? I Could Not Wait!! Wasn't Gonna Wait!! Why Wait??
Just because back in 1991 someone published a Book that said
Purple was an Old Woman's Color!
HA! I Beg To Differ! I've been a PurplePerson ever since my first box of Crayolas!

Oh! How I loved the start of the school year!
New School Supplies and a New Box of Colors!
Each year I got to get a bigger box!
I think it was about the 5th grade when I got the DELUXE Box with a Thousand Colors, a sharpener built into the back and 75 of those crayons were Shades of Purple!
At least it seemed like a Thousand to a fifth grader!

Welcome to SuKnitWitty's Purple SewinRoom!

Yep, it used to be the 'Purple BedRoom', until the 'Studio MakeOver Magician' switched the Sewing Machines and the Bed. It was a 'TemperatureThingy'. Warm Bed To Cold Studio and Cold SewinStuff to Warm BedRoom! Then of course it was a Re~Decorate and UnPack all the the Purple Feather Weight!

The Black 1950 Century Edition FeatherWeight!

So, As you can see, I DID NOT Wait!
I'm Still NOT An OLD WOMAN even though tomorrow is my 63rd Birthday!
Just Think...If I Would have Waited....I'd Still Be Waiting...
To Sew On A Purple FeatherWeight!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

HERE ~ THERE ~ EVERYWHERE MakeOver...Even QuiltALotty!

So, you have recovered from the First TourDeStudio and SKW's ShockingFabricStash!
I put the curtains down as soon as you left the other day, so just pretend it's not there and I think you'll be fine.
Let's continue with the Tour, shall we?

Here on the other side of the Studio is 'QuiltALotty' or 'Quilta' for short!
She and I have been together for about 15 years, and she has had a few UpGrades and MakeOvers.
So she's used to my Switchin Things Around, and adapts pretty well to change.

Quilta is a Gammill LongArm Quilting Machine and is my second one. Since I've had her, Gammill has kept up with tecnology and the newer models are 'Computer Compatable' and have 'Digital Stitch Regulators' and some other Bells and Whistles that Quilta and I will do without. As much as I like all the new technology in the Sewing and Quilting World, I'm pretty much 'OldQuiltaSchool' and like the creative freedom of Manual Operation.

In every Studio or Shop, the WorkerBee must have a 'WorkSpace' in which ToBEE! To the right of Quilta and left of the SitSleepNKnittin area is just such a space! Looks pretty neat and organized right now, huh?
That's cause I just finished the MakeOver and haven't had a chance to have a MessOver yet!

That's about it for the this part of the MakeOver. We still have the SewinRoom which has moved from Here to There. I'll show you There a little later. Right now, how about some Detail Shots of Here...where There are some Little Books with Big Knittin Ideas and Witty Words!

Close by the Books is this Basket of YARN...I'm easily inspired to start 'Another Project'. Thank goodness the Knittin Needles are close at hand.

PS...Come back soon for a tour of the MadeOver Sewin Room. I haven't made a 'MessOverThere' yet, but it won't be long since it's much warmer THERE than HERE!

Come anytime...I'll leave the Light On For You...Here and There!!!

Check The Storage Closet. It's getting packed with overflow!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday Knit Trio Breaks In the MadeOver Studio

The Wednesday Trio met in the 'MadeOver' Studio Wednesday afternoon, and I'm so glad they came before I had time to
'Trash It' with the start of a new project!
It's always a pleasure to start a new project in a neat and orderly space.
And it's just as much a pleasure to be able to walk out and close the door on a the mess made with the project in progress!

Gina is following 'The NewYear Plan' and finishing a UFO started in 2009!
SusanB-Knits is also stickin to the Plan and working on a pair of socks started last year!
Aren't they good knitters for StickinToResolutes?
I'm doin Turkey Work...or is it Turkey Trots?
It's on the 'NotStartin AnotherThing' much for SKW StickinToIt!

Here's a closeup look at Turkey Work.
It's the white loopy thingy's that will make the fur on Santa's Hat!
How that got the name Turkey Work is a mystery to me, but both Gina and Susan are NeedlePoint Goddess' and that's what they said the stitch was called.
Far as I can tell, the only Turkey at the Table is the one doin the TurkeyWork!
I do NeedlePoint much like I the seat of my pants!
And when your working with pointy thingys, sometimes you get the pants

PS...There's more Turkey's Workin in the 'Storage Closet'!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SuKnitWitty the Expansionist & MakeOver Magician!

Have you ever wanted to 'Have A Makeover'???

I probably thought I wanted one on my 50th Birthday,
but HGTV wasn't born yet?

And now that my 'SixtySomethin' Birthday is OneWeekAway,
'MajorMakeOver'...You Are On My Mind!

It's not for 'This SixtySomethin Person'...
Nope...I'm pretty happy with what
My Mama & Daddy gave me and what
MrSKW takes credit for as the
'Woman I Am Today'.

It's SuKnitWitty and SuKnitWitty's Studio!

Browsing around SKW you'll see the Blog MakeOver with the New Background, New Header, ReOrganized SideBar, and Re-Named Places to Browse Around.
You'll find the Featured Posts in 'The Storage Closet' and in 'The Stash'.

Are You Ready for the Grand Opening of the StudioReDo?

Thank you for taking the Tour of Sue's Studio, formerly called 'The FridgeZone', since Texas Mother Nature has 'LostIt' and turned Texas into the WestPole! This 'Freakish Turn of the Weather' has here to fore 'ShutDown' the Quiltin and Sewin and made getting into the Yarn Stash a FurParka Expedtion.
As we enter the newly 'MadeOver' Studio, we are
Welcomed by 'Quilta' and her EnTourage of PinCushion Sweethearts!

Come On In...It's warmer now with a couple of heaters running full blast.

TaDa!!! The Sewing Cabinets and Machines have moved to where This Bed once resided.

A few Swishes with my 'PomPomWand', and 'The SitSleep'nKnit' area is done.

Before I reveal what's behind

'Sue's Quilt Shop' Quilt and Curtains One and Two,

please keep in mind that I no longer 'Own' a Quilt Shop,

and I did


as much Fabric as possible.

I believe that's enough for now!
I'll let you recover from
'The ShockingFabric Stash'
and invite you back for the rest of the Tour on another day!

PS...Please Exit through the 'Garage Door'...You'll probably need the 'Blast of ColdAir' for your recovery! I'm sure you would like to leave a comment. I'll understand if you would like to think about it for awhile and come back.

PPS...More MakeOver Pics in the Storage Closet.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Knitting...There's Only One Way...The RIGHT Way!

When giving a Knitted Gift of clothing, there are certain 'Rights' that come into play....

~Is it the 'Right' Color...I'm soooo into the right colors of yarn in a limited sort of's gotta be in the STASH. I'm NOT buying anymore in 2010 until I've used what I bought, borrowed and begged for in 2009!

~Is it the 'Right' Yarn...worsted weight vs sport weight...100% wool vs wool blend...scratchy vs soft and smooth...for headband or sweater. It's just too hard to decide, so to the 'ScrapBag and Grab'!

~Is it the 'Right' Pattern...Cardigan or Pullover...Headband or Hat...In the Pattern Stash or Search Ravelry. This one's a bit easier...already searched Ravelry and printed out FREE FAVS. Perused magazines and books from Stash and DogEarred FAVS.
Now where did I put them?

~Is it the 'Right' Size. Now this is where SKW has BigTime Worries! To Gauge or NotTo Gauge...Straights or Circulars...DPNs or Seams. Okay, one little Swatch and a consultation with SusanB-Knits!

Everything Turned Out Perfect!
Isn't it 'GrandKnitting' when Everything TurnsOut RIGHT!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why My Pointer Won't NeedlePoint or Knit!

How's this for an Excuse....

I'm sooooo glad I didn't OFFICIALLY

make a 'New Years Resolution' about ANYthing to do with

Knitting or NeedlePointing or Crocheting or

ANYthing that has to with

'Sitting in TheNest'!!!

I'm soooooo glad I didn't OFFICIALLY make a 'New Years Resolution' about

This is how much I've 'NotStarted A NewProject' on BabyBubba's Christmas Stocking.

The Nutcracker Stocking is almost FINISHED!
Yep, I've been working on it since GrandGirly #1 was TEN.
This May she'll be SIXTEEN.

I'm Gonna Get Goin...

As soon as I can Straighten Out The Pointer and Get It PainFree!
Until Then
I'm Gonna Go Take Down The Christmas Tree!
The End

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