Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Miss Letter Writing...Dear PomPom,

I once had an English Teacher who taught letter writing. It was her intention that Girls Raised In Texas should know the proper form and etiquette of letter writing. So, this GRIT practiced handwriting...mostly my name as Mrs.____________ or Sue _________(current beaus last name). I painstakingly wrote in my finest cursive, on ruled notebook was to be graded and had to have the proper heading etc.etc...,and with a Thesarus and Websters close at hand. By now, you know about my Texas Grammar and SpellinSkills, so I won't go into that.

Anyway, Mrs. Henderson, my English Teacher, was a big influence for the rest of my life on the subject of 'Letter Writing'. I really loved writing letters with a nice pen that had a fine point, like the ones that you stuck into a bottle of ink and lifted the latch on the pen to suck up the ink into the handle of the pen. You know the ones...Script...I think was one brand. I was really taken with them when they invented Ink Cartridges. With those you just poked the cartridge into the pointy thing above the pen tip and screwed the handle back on, and you were good to go. Did I mention the drips and permanent ink stains. If you used those pens, well you know about the ink stains.
You know, I miss those pens. I miss letter writing. I miss pretty stationary.

Well, I guess I'll get a 'B+' if I'm lucky. The Cursive is PERFECT (how'd I do that?), no ink splots, I think I spelled everything right, the form is correct, but the insert will keep me from getting an A+.

I guess that's what I get for trying to fool Hewlett~Packard and Windows7 with a HandWritten Letter. (Ahaa! Win7 has the prettiest Handwriting Fonts)(I still like to practice my own tho) ~:)

PS...Click on the letter to Enbiggen. Is that a word? I couldn't fool HP and Blogger into making the letter any larger...I know there's a way! I'll think on it!

PPS...There's no 'Foolin Blogger', so I asked for HELP!  Sure enough, there was a way to get bigger pictures.  Chalk OneUp for "If ya don't know...just ASK!  I guess now Ya'll wanna know?  I'll PostOnIt!


  1. Cute! I use to write a letter everyday to my mom and my mother-in-law. I've gotten out of the habit of letter writing because of emails and phones. It is so much easier to call or just email today. We should all write a letter each month just to practice.

  2. Pink minds DO think alike! YOU are so SWEET! I love those Texas blooms and your letter is perfect so you get an A+! Thank you SO much!
    I'm having the students write a letter to Anne Frank. You convinced me this is a worthwhile assignment - I don't know if any of my students have written a real live letter to anyone. They do write vivid notes sometimes! Yikes! I'm going to tell them that my friend Sue from Texas is an expert at "all things thoughtful and nice" and knowing how to express themselves in a hard copy letter is a worthwhile skill! I shall write up the assignment tonight! I am going to print out the Pom Pom letter from my sweet GRIT buddy! (BIG HUGE LOVE!)

  3. I have pens like that. I do some calligraphy and have some beautiful pens and great ink.


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