Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing With IttyBitty Sewing Machines for Vintage Thingie Thursday

Welcome to SuKnitWitty's Vintage Thingie Thursday. 

 You are probably wondering who SKW is, and why is CollectInTexas Gals Picture sitting over on the SideBar.
Your first reaction might be that I have a 'SplitPersonality' Issue.
 Or perhaps I'm a Twin whose Mama couldn't decide on two 'S' names so she named us 'Sue N Sue'.
There's even the possibility that I have SewMuchStuff  that One Blog wouldn't Hold it All!

SuKnitWitty is my Knittin~Sewin~Quiltin Blog!  It will be a Year Old in May and VTT is it's
First Meme Outting!
So without further AhDo, here's SKW's Collection of Minature Sewing Machines and
 Other Vintage Sewing Items!
They are displayed in my Sewing Room as seen in the picture above.

The Vintage Crocheted Doily serves as a perfect backdrop for this
 Collection of Minature Vintage Sewing Machine Teapots and other Sewing Treasures.
 All the Teapots have lids and several are boxes that open.
 The Two White Machines are Salt and Pepper Shakers and are quite old. 
The Lady Thread Caddy is an early plastic product patterned after the Victorian Period.  The Lady Lifts off to reveal a pin storage niche. 
The Spool Girl is a ceramic figurine...maker unknown, and the
 Singer Recuerdo is constructed of lightweight tin with very acurate detailing on the cabinet and the tiny machine.

The Oldest Sewing Item in the collection is the  SunBonnet Sue Needle Holder. 

It flips open at the top of the hat where it is stitched in yellow thread. 

It is made from felted wool and has some deteriation as wool will do over time. 

The other little Sue is a Lapel Pin made from 1930's Fabrics. 

Thanks for visiting SuKnitWitty on this Vintage Thingie Thursday! 
Thank you 'SewMuch' Suzanne at ColoradoLady for hosting this special day of the week for Vintage Collectors to share our Treasures.
Please Stitch your way over to the list of participants and have a great day of Vintage Thingies.

PS...I hope you'll come back and browse around SKW.  This month I've rearranged  my LongArm Quilting Studio and Sewing Room.  You might be interested in meeting 'QuiltALottty', my LongArm Quilting Machine.  I'll be doing some Tutorials on Machine Quilting a 1930's Pieced Top in the near future.
 I'd love for you to be a SKW Follower and I'll return the Following.
 Thanks for Coming and Commenting...Sue


  1. Well Texas Gal, I love your sewing collection! And I also have two blogs. One for quilting and one for thrifting :-)


  2. How sweet is this collection! Just darlin'!

  3. I will definitely check out your quiltn! I am a LA'er & passionate quilter.Now I have teeny tiny sewn machine envy!

  4. I just love vintage sewing items!
    Thanks for sharing them on VTT!


  5. So Sue you Sew? Such a sweet collection of vintage sewing items. I love this blog also. I don't sew but my Mom was a sewer an and quilter. She doesn't do much of that now but has a room full of fabrics and stuff! My daughter is interested in needlecrafts and will inherit most of this stuff. I will become a follower because I love all that you do! My Texas friend!

  6. Sue, I love your collection. My favorite piece has to be the Victorian thread caddy. I love how you have used the doily as the back drop. Welcome to VTT. Hope to see more from you.

  7. My favorites are the little white ones.

  8. What a CUTE collection...thanks for sharing it! Thanks for coming by...hope to see you again:)


  9. I love your darling *little* collection! The vintage doily is gorgeous. Growing up, my best friend had an antique Singer Featherweight...oh, how I coveted that little sewing machine. Still wish I could find one at the right price :)


  10. Sue...this post just stole my heart. You've shown so many beautiful,wonderful things. You have to know Sunbonnet Sue is my favorite of anything to have,and nevt is the little thread spool holder..oh my!!! such wonderful things to see. Thank you for sharing. I'm already a follower of your other blog, and I've become a follower here as well. Can't wait to see what you're quilting..
    Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

  11. What a sweet collection! I think my favorite things are the Lady Thread Caddy (she's lovely) and those little white sewing machines. Maybe salt and pepper shakers? The Sunbonnet Sue is darling too!
    Happy VTT!

  12. Great display! Sue, you have an adorable collection of little ceramic sewing machines! Love the lady thread holder!

  13. I love vintage sewing items and these little sewing machines are too cute!! I also love the thread holders. Wonderful collection.

  14. VERY CUTE! My package came and YOU are the sweetest Sue on the planet! Thank you times one million! I'm overwhelmed with happiness, Sue! (BIG HUG!)

  15. a gal after my own heart lol..what a fun post!..i also love collecting anything to do with sewing and i must say your collection is adorable..i'm just a teensy-weensy bit envious lol!

  16. What a sweet miniature Singer Featherweight sewing machine collection!!
    I love the gold paint artwork that is always on those machines.

  17. Adorable collection, so much fun!! sorry I am so late, I want to throw my computer in the street, still acting up.....Happy VTT!

  18. Sue, you're so funny -- Sue & Sue indeed!?
    Love your sewing machine collection -- especially the teapot -- I have a thing for teapots ;-).

  19. Your miniatures are really sweet! I like the way you have them displayed. Very nice.


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