Thursday, January 7, 2010

Knitting...There's Only One Way...The RIGHT Way!

When giving a Knitted Gift of clothing, there are certain 'Rights' that come into play....

~Is it the 'Right' Color...I'm soooo into the right colors of yarn in a limited sort of's gotta be in the STASH. I'm NOT buying anymore in 2010 until I've used what I bought, borrowed and begged for in 2009!

~Is it the 'Right' Yarn...worsted weight vs sport weight...100% wool vs wool blend...scratchy vs soft and smooth...for headband or sweater. It's just too hard to decide, so to the 'ScrapBag and Grab'!

~Is it the 'Right' Pattern...Cardigan or Pullover...Headband or Hat...In the Pattern Stash or Search Ravelry. This one's a bit easier...already searched Ravelry and printed out FREE FAVS. Perused magazines and books from Stash and DogEarred FAVS.
Now where did I put them?

~Is it the 'Right' Size. Now this is where SKW has BigTime Worries! To Gauge or NotTo Gauge...Straights or Circulars...DPNs or Seams. Okay, one little Swatch and a consultation with SusanB-Knits!

Everything Turned Out Perfect!
Isn't it 'GrandKnitting' when Everything TurnsOut RIGHT!


  1. Love the headbands but we may have to work on the sweater sizing, lol!!

  2. Take a picture of your stash, okay? (BIG HUG!)

  3. Oh cute -- you're so funny! And aren't you disciplined about the stash busting ;-)!?




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