Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Be Cruel...Be Crewel

Just thinkin' pretty crewel needlework is.

It is a 'Cushion Sittin' Kinda Sewin...Right?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

'Quilta' Sews A Fine Seam

The Tidy Little Miss
Rebecca is a tidy maid.
Who's always starched and clean.
You see her sitting on a cushion
And Sewing a fine seam.
Now would you believe this little miss
Is always neat and clean like this.

 I saw this vintage book in an antique shop several months ago while SuKnitWitty was trying to decide to 'Quilt or Not'.   

Like Rebecca, 'Quilta' Gammill Quilting Machine...Sews a FineSeam, but not while sitting on a cushion.  Mmmmm, there's a part of the see, to sew that fine seam requires Standing and  a Shoulder Workout!

For the time SuKnitWitty can't bear to part with Quilta just yet...Quilta will Stay Shrouded...and...

I will sew a fine seam just like Rebecca...

Sitting on a cushion!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank Goodness for Good Friends, Good Yarn and Good Times!

Meet my Dear Friend Loredia!

She's one of the reasons SuKnitWitty is back to SuKnitWitty and back to Knitting!

She taught me to knit many years ago and introduced me to Bonda.  Remember her?  My Knitting Machine!

She has been my Friend for over Fifty Years!
Loredia....not Bonda...altho it seems like that long since I knitted with her...Bonda...not Loredia!

Loredia and I knitted together just yesterday!

And you'll never guess who came to Knit Along with us? 

Give Up?


We had a Monday Afternoon KnitIn!!!

I should say we had a SockIt To US Lesson!!!

As everyone knows...SusanB is 'The Sock Wizzardess... Loredia and I...alias...OneSockSue...decided it was time to finish a PAIR. 

You see, Loredia is also a OneSockSuePotts!

I thought for awhile I was cured of SSS...SecondSockSyndrome, but alas, it struck again even before I could finish the first sock.

Now I have given a whole new meaning to SSS...
It's now F&SSS...


I thought perhaps the 9" HiYaHiYa's would be just the thing to fix F&SSS, but as it turned out I've used them for everything, but knitting. 

I'm ashamed to say that I actually gave up on the Purple Sock and HidIt Outta Sight for going on 6 months. 

I can't believe I did that!  You See....

I'm No QuitterKnitter!

So BringItOn.....Again!

Thanks Loredia and SusanB
for the Push and Shove
back to
The Purple Socks!

PS...Dear SusanB,
I might have been a bit premature in giving away all my sock yarn!
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