Saturday, June 26, 2010

'Quilta' Sews A Fine Seam

The Tidy Little Miss
Rebecca is a tidy maid.
Who's always starched and clean.
You see her sitting on a cushion
And Sewing a fine seam.
Now would you believe this little miss
Is always neat and clean like this.

 I saw this vintage book in an antique shop several months ago while SuKnitWitty was trying to decide to 'Quilt or Not'.   

Like Rebecca, 'Quilta' Gammill Quilting Machine...Sews a FineSeam, but not while sitting on a cushion.  Mmmmm, there's a part of the see, to sew that fine seam requires Standing and  a Shoulder Workout!

For the time SuKnitWitty can't bear to part with Quilta just yet...Quilta will Stay Shrouded...and...

I will sew a fine seam just like Rebecca...

Sitting on a cushion!

1 comment:

  1. Take care of those shoulders, Sue. Although, I must admit that I keep Quilta in mind for when I finally finish a quilt, so don't retire her any time soon!


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