Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yarn and Pansies...Pretty Powerful Stuff

What do Yarn and Pansies have in common?

Chandler Cottage!!!
It's a breath of Fresh Spring Air!
It's a Yarnee's Dream Cottage!
It's the Concho Valley Knitting Guild's Meeting Place.

The Concho Valley Knitting Guild meets here on the Fourth Monday of the Month.
Susan B and I were greeted by the beautiful Spring Flower Garden which I could not
 resist photographing before the meeting.

Our program was on Shawls!
OMGosh!  Like I'm not suffering enough from ShawlStartArexia!
Nupe! Nupe! Nupe!
I guess not as I SignedUp to START this AMAZING Lace Pi Shawl on April 7th!!!
What Am I Thinkin'!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Confessions of a Bag Lady

I Confess....I started this bag in June 2009!
I Confess....I shoved it in a basket in July 2009!
I Confess...I shelved the basket in August 2009!

I Confess...I rearranged the basket in  January 2010 !!
I Confess...I completely forgot about this bag.....

.....until last week when I it feel from the top shelf and hit me on the head!
I can take a hint from above!
I Confess...I really like this FINISHED Bag,
 and I'm glad the pointy end of the knitting needle didn't poke by eye out!

I Confess....I Started and Finished this Bag in One Setting....before Finishing the Bag from Above!
I Confess....I really wanted to Start another One before Finishing the Bag from Above!

I Confess....I'd rather make Something Out of Nothing Scraps than Finish Any More Bags From Above!

I Confess...two more Bags From Above are getting Frogged so they can go in the Scrap Yarn!
I'd rather make Something Out of Nothing Scraps!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Gals Don't Do Sweaters On Tuesday!!!!

Whew!  So glad we met on Tuesday rather than Wednesday!
I was runnin' outta of Clever Excuses for  No Sweater Knittin'...Again!
It's alot of Sweater Stress, ya know! 
First, I'm so behind on getting the 'HowTo Video'...
you know the one about putting a Round Sleeve in a....YadaYadaYada!
It was fun to make a video and figure out the knittin' process, but then the weather changed,
then I got ScarfArexia,  then I had an attack of BondaBag GetErDone Runs, 
and then....well....I forget! 
TaDa...The ScrapBag Knit-A-Long is FINISHED!
I didn't mean for it to be such A-Long Knit-A-Long!
If I say it really fast it doesn't sound so long!
June 2009 to March 2011

It's Done and the Four or Five Bonda Scrap Bags that followed are in line for either
Finishin' or Froggin'....I mean it this time!
Speakin' of Scraps....I seem to have lots of Acrylic Worsted Weight leftovers!
Left over from what, I don't know....early years knitting and crocheting
when all I knew was worsted weight.
Now that I've become a bit of a 'Yarn Snob'...I know why they call it Worst...ed!
However, it does make Good N Sturdy Bags!

Here's one I made for a Special Bloggin' Friend!
And now....about the Wednesday Tuesday Knitters!

Susan B is knitting on a Scarf Deadline.  See her progress on Seduced by Yarn.

Gina is finishing up her GrandGals Sweater...also a Deadline!  And will be doing some traveling until the last of this month.  We'll miss ya Gina!

Gretchen is still Gone....We Miss Ya Gretchen!!!

Loredia 'Permilia' sent this photo of her FINISHED 'Wild Stuff' Scarf.  It's gorgeous!  What's on your needles these days Loredia?

GiGi broke her Toe, but when I last visited with her, her fingers had been busy with a pretty Red Lace Scarf.  Stop by Firefly Cottage and say Hello and Sorry Bout your Toe!

Carol has been busy with Saint Patricks Day Events and a Cooking Blog Hop!  She has the prettiest dishes and you have got to try some of her recipes.  Stop by Serendipity for a taste of her latest Soda Bread.

The last time I heard from Lynn at Fidlstix, she was visiting her college age son, and had finished knitting a scarf.  Hope to hear from you again real soon, Lynn!

This week on CollectInTexas Gal and my Photo Blog, I've been sharing some of my Favorite Green's and Lucky Shots from my Photo Collection.  Those Links are on the sidebar if you would like to take a look.

 Here's one of my Favorite Lucky Shots!

For each petal on the shamrock.
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Somebody Please, Bless My Heart!

"Is there NOT any Room in this House where there is NOT a Knitting Project in progress?"
Asked the Non-Knitter and only other person who lives here!

The answer....Nupe Nope!
It's on the screened in porch....of course...it's been so nice to sit out there and knit!
It doesn't seem to bother Ruby!
And it really doesn't bother the Non-Knitter....he's just askin'!

Naturally it is All Over The Nest!

This reminds me of the phrase, "You can't see the forrest for the trees"!  

I'm feeling a little bit like someone needs to be saying,
"Bless Sue's Heart, she's suffering so with MultipleShawl/Scarf/Bag/BlankeeArexia"!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anybody Want to Knit On A Sweater? NUPE NUPE NUPE

Yep, we are a group of Wishy Washy Wednesday Knitters!
Just let One of Us SwitchOff the Sweater Challenge and the rest of us are Stuffin' the Sweater in a Bag!

Now, I'm not One to Gossip.....but....I'm not the only One who
Switched and Stuffed The Sweater in favor of  Scarf Knitting!  
In fact, I was all set to Sweater Knit on Wednesday and I get a message from the
YadaYadaYada WiseOne that says,
"I can't wait to become obsessed with knitting this scarf too.
Bring it to work on for the Wed Knit group (we'll get back to sweaters next week)"

I'm thinkin', "Bless her Heart, Susan needs a break from that Sweater. 
What difference will ONE LilOle Scarf make in the Big KnitPicture".

That's my ONE Scarf...right there in the middle.
The REST are Bless Her YadaYada Hearts!
Like I said....I'm not One to Gossip....but....I think she has MultipleStartScarfArexia!
Bless Her Heart!

And Gina....she's knitting on a deadline!  Her Scarf and Sweater have been Bagged!
But Ya'll already know how Gina is a 'Multi-Project' knitter!
I have no doubt she will walk in one Wednesday and pull her Finished Challenge Sweater outta her Magic Bag along with a couple of Rabbits, a Bouquet of Flowers and a Bag of Chocolate Eggs!

As for Me....I'm Baggin' It All and usin' my Knitting Sticks for Stakes!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Progressive/Obsessive Scarf Knitting...

...and More Yada Yada Yada Wisdom!

I swear, it's becoming so I can't even get through my first cuppa coffee!
EVERY morning since I started this Progressive Scarf I find myself knitting and sipping.

Like THIS morning while having coffe on the porch!
The sunlight was warm and perfect for showing off PS#3...the Diamond Lace Pattern.
See my book with the 'Row Counting Method'?
That's some of SusanB's Yada Yada Yada Wisdom that I MustDo in order to keep
on the 50 Stitch Pattern Count!  Miss a YO and it's another Yada Yada Yada....Tinking!
I'm getting good at Tinking! 

It's your scarf, you can use whatever yarn and needles you want!
 Isn't that the greatest thing about knitting?!
The Yada Yada Yada WiseOne!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Progressive Scarf and the Wisdom of 'Yada Yada Yada'

On my last Post...just below this one...I listed mine and Gina's progressions on My Progressive Scarf!

When Gina left,  it looked like this...picture above. 
 I was all happy that we she had fixed my mess by picking up, adding a stitch and covering a missed YO with,
 "Nobody will notice the diagonal is off or that the missed YO hole is not a hole but a solid knit stitch." 
And the clincher, " Maybe Susan won't notice."
You know what she always says,  "If it was me, I'd rip it all and and yada yada yada." 
Then I continued with another row...on my own. 

Now it looks like this...picture above!!! 
Back to a Yarn Cake!  What is it with Me and Sock Yarn and Needles Under a Size  6 7 8 okay 10's!

So what do you do when Varigated Sock Yarn is not workin' for you!
I go diggin' in my Stash for Solid whatever!
I have no clue what this yarn is!  No labels and no idea where it came from!

The Patterns and Stitches are easier to see! 
The Needles are BIGGER...#4's...okay, not that much bigger!
I think the yarn is a DK weight...not sure about that...but it sounds good!
And just look at those Diagonals!

And the Feather and Fan....got it all right the first time through the pattern!
I did have to get organized with row counting and the chart. 
So organized that I'm working both sections of the scarf at once!
I've patted myself on the back so much in the last couple of days that
I'm considering the Master Knitter Program!
I'm just starting Pattern Stitch #3...The Diamonds!
I hope I haven't broken my arm patting myself on the back.
PS#3 may put me back in my place a stitch or two!

I've really enjoyed this Knitting, this WhateverYarn, the Solid Colors,
the Larger Needles and the Warm Weather!
There is definately Wisdom in  Susan's  'Yada Yada Yada'!
I think I'm progressing! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Was a Progressive Wednesday!!!!

My Goodness! 
 How time flies when you are Not Knitting...
but you Want to Knit...
and you Think about Knitting...
but you Want to Dig in the Dirt!

I just can't HELP Myself! 
 The Weather has been so Nice and Warm!
It's That Time of the Year!
For Digging in the Dirt!

For Planting Tomatoes!

And for sharing the Love of Digging in the Dirt!

Oh Yeah!  About Wednesday Knitters! 
 This week Gina and I met for our Weekly Sweater Challenge Knitting Day!
Here's Gina's Sweater....remember I told you she would have Multiple Projects going during this Sweater Challenge? 
Well, if I were keeping count, this sweater for her Granddaughter would be project number five or six...but whose counting!
My Challenge Sweater?
It's in the basket looking like a VooDoo Happening!
All those DPN's stuck in the Sleeves!
I'm getting kinda Scared!

So I started 'A New Project'!
It's a Progressive Lace Scarf and a KnitALong with the
Concho Valley Knitters Guild!
I'm a new member!

Gina and I had a progressive knitting afternoon. 
We progressed from one thing to the next which included....
- my show and tell dish rags
- her progressive lace scarf
- my VooDoo Sweater
- her teapot needlepoint project
- our Tea and Bread Pudding
- my messed up lace scarf
- her row of sweater knitting
- my dropped stitch
- her fixing my dropped stitch
- my missed YO
- her fixing my missed YO
- my finally knitting a whole row

It was a very progressive afternoon!

I hope you will join us next week with your project!
Susan B at Seduced by Yarn will be back with a report on how
 The Rangers did at Baseball Training Camp!
(No, she's not knitting Socks for the Rangers!)

Maybe we will hear from Gretchen at The Yarn Sleuth on how she's progressing on the TeaPot Sweater!

Loredia-Permilia at Grammy Time reported that she's finished her Wild Stuff Scarf..
.I can't wait to see what she's progressed to next.

GiGi at Firefly Cottage has been into Embroidery and taking a break from Knitting.

Carol at Serendipity took a break from everything and went on a Cruise.

Lynn at Fidlstix has finished a scarf since we last met and has the neatest New Knitting Header on her blog. 
Drop by to see that and her scarf.

See Ya'll Next Time...Until then just remember...
Busy Needles make for ...
Sometimes finished projects
Another WIP
Early stages of MultipleStartArexia
Happy Knitting!
I'm going to The Garden...Taking my Needles...They make Good Stakes!
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