Sunday, March 20, 2011

Confessions of a Bag Lady

I Confess....I started this bag in June 2009!
I Confess....I shoved it in a basket in July 2009!
I Confess...I shelved the basket in August 2009!

I Confess...I rearranged the basket in  January 2010 !!
I Confess...I completely forgot about this bag.....

.....until last week when I it feel from the top shelf and hit me on the head!
I can take a hint from above!
I Confess...I really like this FINISHED Bag,
 and I'm glad the pointy end of the knitting needle didn't poke by eye out!

I Confess....I Started and Finished this Bag in One Setting....before Finishing the Bag from Above!
I Confess....I really wanted to Start another One before Finishing the Bag from Above!

I Confess....I'd rather make Something Out of Nothing Scraps than Finish Any More Bags From Above!

I Confess...two more Bags From Above are getting Frogged so they can go in the Scrap Yarn!
I'd rather make Something Out of Nothing Scraps!


  1. I confess... I love those bags!!!
    You are the bag lady extraordinaire!

  2. OK I officially jealous!! Those are stunning and I adore your vision!! I have several projects half completed..not just the knitting..but artwork. Large pieces all inked and ready for color..and well..not yet. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to add the color..when the inked drawing is good..and I am happy with it! Sigh!
    I adore how you have added the clueless how..but WOW!!!! Hugs, Sarah


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