Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Progressive/Obsessive Scarf Knitting...

...and More Yada Yada Yada Wisdom!

I swear, it's becoming so I can't even get through my first cuppa coffee!
EVERY morning since I started this Progressive Scarf I find myself knitting and sipping.

Like THIS morning while having coffe on the porch!
The sunlight was warm and perfect for showing off PS#3...the Diamond Lace Pattern.
See my book with the 'Row Counting Method'?
That's some of SusanB's Yada Yada Yada Wisdom that I MustDo in order to keep
on the 50 Stitch Pattern Count!  Miss a YO and it's another Yada Yada Yada....Tinking!
I'm getting good at Tinking! 

It's your scarf, you can use whatever yarn and needles you want!
 Isn't that the greatest thing about knitting?!
The Yada Yada Yada WiseOne!


  1. lol! great post!!
    I can't wait to become obsessed with knitting this scarf too. Bring it to work on for the Wed Knit group (we'll get back to sweaters next week)

  2. Sue,

    I knew Jim Netzel from 1974 in Dallas, and he and I were very close for a few years. We stayed in touch for awhile, and then over the years I lost track of him. I've thought of him often. I Googled Jim, and I found your blog. I remember how he talked about his friend, Wayne McPeak, and then I saw the photo here, and I knew I had found Jim. Can you tell me about how he died? --Donna Waters Peebles


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