Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anybody Want to Knit On A Sweater? NUPE NUPE NUPE

Yep, we are a group of Wishy Washy Wednesday Knitters!
Just let One of Us SwitchOff the Sweater Challenge and the rest of us are Stuffin' the Sweater in a Bag!

Now, I'm not One to Gossip.....but....I'm not the only One who
Switched and Stuffed The Sweater in favor of  Scarf Knitting!  
In fact, I was all set to Sweater Knit on Wednesday and I get a message from the
YadaYadaYada WiseOne that says,
"I can't wait to become obsessed with knitting this scarf too.
Bring it to work on for the Wed Knit group (we'll get back to sweaters next week)"

I'm thinkin', "Bless her Heart, Susan needs a break from that Sweater. 
What difference will ONE LilOle Scarf make in the Big KnitPicture".

That's my ONE Scarf...right there in the middle.
The REST are Bless Her YadaYada Hearts!
Like I said....I'm not One to Gossip....but....I think she has MultipleStartScarfArexia!
Bless Her Heart!

And Gina....she's knitting on a deadline!  Her Scarf and Sweater have been Bagged!
But Ya'll already know how Gina is a 'Multi-Project' knitter!
I have no doubt she will walk in one Wednesday and pull her Finished Challenge Sweater outta her Magic Bag along with a couple of Rabbits, a Bouquet of Flowers and a Bag of Chocolate Eggs!

As for Me....I'm Baggin' It All and usin' my Knitting Sticks for Stakes!


  1. OMGoodness, Bless Your Heart and look at all that pretty yarny stuff you've got going on! And I love the Wishy Washy Knitter theme -- I'm all about jumping from one project to another -- as the spirit moves, you know? I mean really, it's not like we're in the sweater knitting sweat shop trying to meet our quota, is it ;)?

  2. Yes! it was a great break. I'll be starting my new scarf after this weekend.

  3. Sue,

    First your header is a amazing photograph. And I love the tea mugs. And the scarf is wonderful. I could probably get more done if I got off this computer LOL



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