Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Was a Progressive Wednesday!!!!

My Goodness! 
 How time flies when you are Not Knitting...
but you Want to Knit...
and you Think about Knitting...
but you Want to Dig in the Dirt!

I just can't HELP Myself! 
 The Weather has been so Nice and Warm!
It's That Time of the Year!
For Digging in the Dirt!

For Planting Tomatoes!

And for sharing the Love of Digging in the Dirt!

Oh Yeah!  About Wednesday Knitters! 
 This week Gina and I met for our Weekly Sweater Challenge Knitting Day!
Here's Gina's Sweater....remember I told you she would have Multiple Projects going during this Sweater Challenge? 
Well, if I were keeping count, this sweater for her Granddaughter would be project number five or six...but whose counting!
My Challenge Sweater?
It's in the basket looking like a VooDoo Happening!
All those DPN's stuck in the Sleeves!
I'm getting kinda Scared!

So I started 'A New Project'!
It's a Progressive Lace Scarf and a KnitALong with the
Concho Valley Knitters Guild!
I'm a new member!

Gina and I had a progressive knitting afternoon. 
We progressed from one thing to the next which included....
- my show and tell dish rags
- her progressive lace scarf
- my VooDoo Sweater
- her teapot needlepoint project
- our Tea and Bread Pudding
- my messed up lace scarf
- her row of sweater knitting
- my dropped stitch
- her fixing my dropped stitch
- my missed YO
- her fixing my missed YO
- my finally knitting a whole row

It was a very progressive afternoon!

I hope you will join us next week with your project!
Susan B at Seduced by Yarn will be back with a report on how
 The Rangers did at Baseball Training Camp!
(No, she's not knitting Socks for the Rangers!)

Maybe we will hear from Gretchen at The Yarn Sleuth on how she's progressing on the TeaPot Sweater!

Loredia-Permilia at Grammy Time reported that she's finished her Wild Stuff Scarf..
.I can't wait to see what she's progressed to next.

GiGi at Firefly Cottage has been into Embroidery and taking a break from Knitting.

Carol at Serendipity took a break from everything and went on a Cruise.

Lynn at Fidlstix has finished a scarf since we last met and has the neatest New Knitting Header on her blog. 
Drop by to see that and her scarf.

See Ya'll Next Time...Until then just remember...
Busy Needles make for ...
Sometimes finished projects
Another WIP
Early stages of MultipleStartArexia
Happy Knitting!
I'm going to The Garden...Taking my Needles...They make Good Stakes!


  1. Sue,

    I will be back. I promise. Last year I took the knitting and never even opened the bag! This year I didn't take the knitting and....I should have. Oh well.

    Your scarf looks tricky! Hope to be knitting soon.


  2. Nice start to the scarf. Sounds like a good afternoon. We'll get back to our sweaters next week.


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