Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Progressive Scarf and the Wisdom of 'Yada Yada Yada'

On my last Post...just below this one...I listed mine and Gina's progressions on My Progressive Scarf!

When Gina left,  it looked like this...picture above. 
 I was all happy that we she had fixed my mess by picking up, adding a stitch and covering a missed YO with,
 "Nobody will notice the diagonal is off or that the missed YO hole is not a hole but a solid knit stitch." 
And the clincher, " Maybe Susan won't notice."
You know what she always says,  "If it was me, I'd rip it all and and yada yada yada." 
Then I continued with another row...on my own. 

Now it looks like this...picture above!!! 
Back to a Yarn Cake!  What is it with Me and Sock Yarn and Needles Under a Size  6 7 8 okay 10's!

So what do you do when Varigated Sock Yarn is not workin' for you!
I go diggin' in my Stash for Solid whatever!
I have no clue what this yarn is!  No labels and no idea where it came from!

The Patterns and Stitches are easier to see! 
The Needles are BIGGER...#4's...okay, not that much bigger!
I think the yarn is a DK weight...not sure about that...but it sounds good!
And just look at those Diagonals!

And the Feather and it all right the first time through the pattern!
I did have to get organized with row counting and the chart. 
So organized that I'm working both sections of the scarf at once!
I've patted myself on the back so much in the last couple of days that
I'm considering the Master Knitter Program!
I'm just starting Pattern Stitch #3...The Diamonds!
I hope I haven't broken my arm patting myself on the back.
PS#3 may put me back in my place a stitch or two!

I've really enjoyed this Knitting, this WhateverYarn, the Solid Colors,
the Larger Needles and the Warm Weather!
There is definately Wisdom in  Susan's  'Yada Yada Yada'!
I think I'm progressing! 


  1. lol, I love it!! yada, yada, yada...
    but I do think your scarf looks better in the solid colors. AND, it's your scarf, you can use whatever yarn and needles you want! isn't that the greatest thing about knitting?!

  2. Sue,

    I love your scarf. Are you making up the pattern or is it a pattern? I have too much yarn and I don't have the patience for socks! I want them but I am probably not the one who will knit them!


  3. Applause! Way to go, Sue! It looks great and you are a fantastic knitting narrator! Oh my goodness! Flip flops? Knitting outside? Woo hoo!

  4. Love your scarf Sue, and what a fun looking pattern (well except the YO's maybe ;)! I just finished a lace scarf and had to count stitches every single pattern row, as I almost always seemed to miss a YO somewhere among the 200+ stitches ;O!


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