Sunday, June 28, 2009

BLOG!!...Exactly What Is It?

The other day I received an Email from somebody called Cecilia…I don’t know a Cecilia, and I don’t need any Enhancement Drugs. So just as the pinkie was hovering over the DeleteDaSpam key I recognized the Other name. Get back pinkie…it’s Anne from the Class of 1965.

I click on Reply to Cecilia…and start typing my story of not knowing my Other name until Freshmen College English (I gradgeeated even with my SpellinSkils). The Prof Called Roll (it was in the 60’s and a small Univ.)…Sandra _____....Silence….Absent for half the semester…Dad got mid-term report...wanted to know how I was passing without attending class….(he knew about the SpellinSkils). Got that fixed with the Prof, and to this day can’t spell my first name, but still have a fun time SkrewinUp grammar and spelling.

Cecilia, AKA Anne, had visited my Blog and kinda understood….except for the knitting stuff. That’s Okay, Anne, most of the time I don’t get it either, and If I don’t get it you can imagine the confusion of those who do get Knitting until they read my Blog.

I dedicate ThisBlogPost to my Fellow 1965 Classmates who have been directed here to read what my husband (also, a 1965 Classmate) calls alot of BS out of a smart-mouthed, grammar and spelling deficient graduate of MHS. He's just kidding.....I think. He's the one who has always called me a 'NitWit' I guess I'm his fault.

So Now, I will attempt to answer your question, Anne.
'Just exactly what is a BLOG'?
For TheRest of HERE or on the '65 Lobo' Button.....OnThe SideBoard.
PS. Please Post Comments....After Reading TheRest of ThisPost.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Love Ribs? Want More in Your RibKnitRepertoire?
Join In the FunFree SuKnitWitty RibALong!
It's on the RibALong Picture OnThe SideBoard.
See Ya There!
For RibALong Conception.....See Post
Outta Scraps...sCrapBagKnitting

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OUTTA SCRAPS...sCrapBagKnitting

sCrapBag Knitting!
Good title for the 'FeatherNtheNest Works In Progress’. First, the Lime FeatherNFan that will one day be a scarf…or not. One skein…that’s it…no mas. I dunno, maybe it could stand on it’s own as a BonifideOneSkeinWonder…nah…it’s sCrap.

Next comes ‘LesCrapBag’.
BringOnBonda! She is my own Personal Virtue Enhancement Trainer! Standing behind her, I can Knit@ThSpeedALite. BondaNSue sped thru Sixty Rows of sCraps in less than Sixty Minutes...PictUpNknit that lovely PurplesCrap onto Circulars for the next Sixty Rows & Sixty Days (when The Mood Strikes) of Ribbing.

Now, let the Ribbing Begin… you thought this was going to be AllAboutsCraps!

Did ya know there are 75 Rib Patterns in my 1992 Edition of Harmony Guide To Knitting? Who knew there were that many Rib Patterns! Not this K2P2 Ribber! So, on with increasing my RibKnit Repertoire…that’s French for StuffYaNoHowToDo. Surely, there’s no more than 75, but just in case in the last 17 years another one or two have been discovered, I’ll check TheNet....

OMGoddess! TheWeb is Rabid with Ribs! And, KnitRibs are waaay down the list of the Most Sought After, Tastiest and Tattooed.
Boy Howdy! Harmony! How FarOut of It are we? It was tempting to order Carsons BabyBackRibs from Chicago…they will overnight right to your door. Harmony doesn’t have BabyBacks on it’s menu, so I know I couldn’t get that done overnight. sCrapped that idea when I realized I still have no $$ in PayPal.

And, TattooedRibs? Well, my Visual Imaging Mind was Spinning…and not yarn…that’s on my list of ToDo’s. So, I had to do a quick click, and…
Oh! No! Girl! That Had to Hurt! I hope Sock DPN’s weren’t the Needles of choice for that project.

Scrolled through lots of Ribs and Sauces until Knitted Ribs popped up! Yeah! The magic of Google. Oh! Harmony! Honey! WE ARE SOOOO FAR OUT OF IT! As in The 90’s Dark Ages Out of It!
The very Wonder of It All! Knitting ‘The U-Tube Rib’. That’s Amaazzing! They SHOW you how in like, Real Life…not sketched…and you can play it over and over until you get it….or not.

Then there is WiseGeek who tells all there is to know about Knitted Ribbing. Some of it I think he (or could be she) got from us, Harmony. I’m sure that somewhere along the SixtyRibRows I would have discovered The Mistake Rib Stitch! Really,….I swear…It’s right there in real life on U-TubeRib. Ya'll Watch.....It will be the one I can't do without making a mistake.

Well, Ya’ll….I hope this post, we all thought was going to be AllAboutsCraps, has motivated you to try at least a few of the 75 Harmony Ribs, (I’m keeping my copy, it’s a collectors item). If you are close to Carsons in Chicago (remember, they do overnight ribs). If you are thinking about Tattooed Ribs, you might rather have SSS (getting stuck with DPN’s isn’t quite as painful). If you are already a RibProfANado (that’s Spanish for PerfectRibber) then you might want to add to your Repertoie The Mistake Rib Stitch. If you are a RibProfANada (that’s Spanish for NoRibNoWay Jose’) I hope I’ve at least Tickled Your Ribs…“You see, my dear, it is not true that woman was made from man's rib; she was really made from his funny bone.” James Matthew Barrie (1860-1937) Creator of PeterPan

Saturday, June 20, 2009

HELLO HELLO...Anybody Out There?

Silence! More Silence! And Some More Silence! Guess it’s time to Hang-It-Up, WoodStock!

For CryinOutLoud it’s been 20 days. There is 80 Sumpin SuKnitNQuilt Stuff to give a ShoutOutAbout! So why all the ETSYSilence?

When I get no answers to my Hello! Here’s Whatch Been WaitN4 Listings, the silence is less than Golden, or I should say Green as in Cash!

Twenty days, you say. What’s that old adage, something about Patience is a Virtue? Oh! I’m suppose to be patient!!! Oops! That’s not one of my strong suits. In fact it’s really dangerous to mention being patient when time is a factor. I tend to get antsy and start looking for a NewWearItOut Thang!

Webster – (The Book not the Webguys)
Ver-chu - the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.
Well, lets me off the hook….I’m pretty much always RIGHT. Isn’t that right, Honey? Although, I do think forms of the word Virtue are better suited to me…like…Virtuous – morally excellent…righteous… and Virtuosa – female who excels in the technique of an art. Well, there ya go!

Now for TheList of my other virtues starting with Acceptance and Humility found on The Net at
…are you ready.... Really! They offer Virtue Enhancement and Character Healing. I didn’t do the Survey….yet….I’m still recovering from SSS… 99% fear…you know the rest.

Back to the Not So Golden Silence on ETSY! The GoldenETSY Sellers say, the same things as you, Be Patient…(the virtue thang), Promote….(beg your family and friends)….Slash Prices (not your wrists)….Do Freebies (does Shipping Count?) and SHOP ETSY yourself. I would if I had any $$$$ in my PayPal Account……HELLO!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I’ve finally been diagnosed. I’ve dreaded the bad news for weeks. Worked it out in my KnitWit Head that it’s probably fatal, and my sock yarn was destined for ToeUp BootHeel next to SaltyO’Day and PepperTate.

What a relief to know that my plan to live to be 100 years young is still possible, and the inscription can still read
‘Here Lies Sue…She Do’ed Herself In’ ‘May She Rest In Pieces’.
Nobody lives to be 100 and then commits HariKari... certainly not me….I have toooooo much Yarn to Knit and Fabric to Quilt.

The words came as a revelation from, this woman who calls herself a Yarn Harlot. Somehow, I just never put those two words together before, but now that I’ve been exposed to the Addictions, Ways and Means of the ‘KnittingWorld’, I can see how one could be a Yarn Harlot.

I kept seeing Yarn Harlot on Blog Lists and FAV’s….I thought maybe it was a Yarn Shop with BedRooms. So, I’m Surfing Blogs, Ravelry Friends, and other places for knitters stuff and BAM there she was….’The Yarn Harlot’ on Good Grief! She writes books. I share this newly found info with KnitterIntheKnow, SusanB-Knits, and she sez, “Oh, yeah! I have all her books!”

So, I’m now reading At Knits End…Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much, and LOLing , Whaping My 4Head and Rolling my I’s thinking…’How True and Been There Done That’! The book has 320 pages, and I’m nearing the end of so many Knitting Truths and Laughs when I turn page 305 to page 306.

There it was in Capital Letters…SSSan abbreviation referring to the crippling and common knitter’s affliction known as Second Sock Syndrome.
Relief flooded over me as I read on…..95 % of knitters suffer….99% live in fear….. unable to knit the second sock. SSS a repeating disease….casts on new pair…. spread from knitter to knitter (thanks SusanB-Knits)….spread by sock yarn itself.
After removing the BigOleBasketful of diseased stuff from ‘The Nest’,
I read on…..not fatal….but can lead to number of single hand-knit socks. Whew! I’ll be OK….I haven’t even finished ONE Sock, much less a PAIR or another Single.

My UnDying Thanks to YarnHarlot for the SSS Diagnosis, and my sincere apologies for thinking that thing about the bedroom. Hopefully the $$$ I spent on All Your Books will aide in your endeavors to buy, stash, knit and write about more yarn for the entertainment of knitters everywhere.

FYI…After reading the All Rights Reserved…I’m hoping it’s OK that I’ve used a few fractured passages and given appropriate credits. At Knits End..Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much by Stephanie P. McPhee. Storey Publishing 2005.

PS Buy It! Read It! Stash It with SockStash, and you too will be Cured of SSS.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



I say, ‘Knitting Rules’ and Knitters say….Right On!
But no kidding, Ya’ll, there are Knitting Rules. Who knew? Not Me , O’Maker of SuRules and Breaker of FewRules! Not on purpose, mind you…..well, OK…sometimes.

Being a #OneChild, ‘Obey ALL Rules’ was vital to the UpBringing of #’s Two, Three, Four and Five. Good Example and all that. So, naturally, I’ll be a Knitting Rule Follower.......well, OK…most of the time.

Must Do Rules

..have every Tool-N-Gadget known to WomanKind…Check.
..have Nest w/View of TV, w/footrest, side table & lamp…Check.
..have room around nest for bags and baskets…Check.
..have minimum of 4 UFO’s in Nest…upto 10 OK…Check.
..have YarnStash to die for….figuratively………Workin On It.
..have Knitted Bags for Projects ToGo…Check..Check..&.Check.

The Side Table

Real Rules
..count every stitch on every row…failure to do so leads to next rule
..learn to TINK…KNIT spelled and worked backwards…CanDoThat
..learn to FROG…that’s KNIT spelled RipItOut and StartOver…Check.
..know how to (knit,purl,knit) in the same stitch...Took awhile, but Check.
..learn to knit by a grid…one of these days…CheckBack.

SuShould Do Rules
..knit on Purple Wildfoote Sock…When The Mood Strikes
..finish BSJ started in April…………... Ditto
..start Sisters Triangle Shawl for Sept B-Day…Aug 31st
..get off the computer and go knit…When Pigs Fly!

The Bags N Baskets
The View

YEP! KNITTING RULES!! Even In The Car…..

A woman is knitting as she drives (which is totally unsafe, and I don't advocate it). Pretty soon, her speed has crept all the way up to 95 mph--and she passes a parked police car. The car gives chase. The Officer turns on his siren, but the woman, busy knitting, doesn't notice him. Finally, he pulls up alongside her car and yells, "Pull over! PULL OVER!"

She looks at him, looks at her knitting, and yells back....

"NO! It's a CARDIGAN!"

DO YOU HAVE A NEST? SHOW ME! Leave a comment with Link to Your Nest! We Will Nest-tog!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SOCK IT TO ME...Times Six

BaaBaa 'Brown Sheep' have you any SockWool? Yes, Sue, Yes Sue, you have a Big Ole Basket FULL!

Question: When are you going to finish at least the OneSock?
a. When the mood strikes.
b. When SusanB-Knits sez 2
c. When Pigs Fly.
d. When Hell Freezes Over.
e. All of the Above


Crazy, how 'Being In the Mood' affects sooooo many things in life. I'm always in the mood to eat, but not to cook. I'm always in the mood to knit, but not socks.

When SusanB-Knits sez, "Let's SitNKnit", the Socks Bag is the first one I grab. Then I add...the Scarf Bag or the Bag Bag or Whatever Bag. Just in case the 'NoWaySock Mood' strikes. And then Susan-B sez,"Look at These Socks with Lace+Cables+Knit2x in BkSt+3xYO+12 DPN+ToeUp+SuUcanDoIt = When Pigs Fly!

Headlines in Saturday paper. San Angelo Hottest Spot In the NATION...that's all of the USA, ya'll! So that takes care of 'When Hell Freezes Over'.

The thing is, I really love socks. I wear them year round....well maybe not when it's 106 degrees. I have sock patterns, sock books, those DPN Toothpicks, a SOX Stitch Marker, and 'TheNest' all setup for SocKnitting..........When the Mood Strikes!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many skeins of Wildfoote she didn't know what ToDo. So, she just Accumlated Sock Yarn hoping for the 'Mood To Strike' so she could add Socks to her Ravelry Projects SmileyFace List.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

COLLECTOR...or Accumulator

According to Martha Stewart, a Collector is "Someone who buys to create a discriminating, selective, meaningful grouping of objects that have historical as well as monetary value." An Accumulator is "Someone who buys for the Beauty or Usefulness of a particular thing and not with the main objective of forming a collection."

For all time, I've called myself a 'Collector'.....I was so sure of the title. I mean, it's there in black and white on my Antiques Dealer Business card, and 'Pastimesue' Antique Booth...Collector of Fine Glassware and Vintage Everything.

So now, according to Martha, I find out I'm really just An Accumulator! I should have realized...afterall it is a 'SuRule'....It must be a Thing of Beauty and be Useful! Well, OK, I'll just deal with it the best way I know how. Making Lists and Categories.

First...Accumulated Vintage Jewelry Group
1960-70 (historical) Necklace-Earring Parure...$24 ETSY Shop (monetary)..>..Collector
1940-50 Eisenberg Ice Brooch Appraised $225 " ..>..Collector
1940-50-60 Earring Collection ETSY Listing Pending " ..>..Collector
Dragonfly Jewel Box NFS Accumulator
Aurora Borealis Necklace Just LuvIt Accumulator

Second...Accumulated Sewing Notions & Crochet Group
1930's -1960's ShoePinCushions,Buttons &Notions ETSY Listing Pending..>..Collector
Forever Crochet Collection Some of It to ETSY Collector/Accumulator
Forever Button Collection Some of It to ETSY Collector/Accumulator

Third...Accumulated LOTS of It PENDING
I could go on and on, but in the immortal words of King Kong, I've got to catch a plane.

Not Really, I don't fly or climb tall buildings.

So, I guess it is Official....I AM A COLLECTOR and I AM AN ACCUMULATOR. Thank-you Martha Stewart and Association of Collectors Clubs.
Here's a sample of Collector/Antique Dealer Humor from ACC site.
A woman browsing through an antique store sees a cat drinking milk from a saucer. She recognizes the saucer as a rare antique piece. Trying to be clever, she says to the lady running the store, "How much do you want for the cat?"
The woman says, "Ten dollars." The lady readily agrees and goes on, "while I'm at it, could I give you another dollar for the saucer? The cat seems to enjoy drinking from it." The shopkeeper shakes her head, "Sorry, ma'am, but I've sold 19 cats from that one saucer."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

GET'N IT ON...Red White & Blue

Can I be a Yankee and a Texan? Yep, I sure Can! A contradiction of History....that's me! Born in Yankee Corn Country and Raised in Texas Cactus Country!
So, I can BeGettinOn with Ridin My Pony and Stickin-A-Feather In My Hat.
Question is, "Which Hat"? Knitted Hat, Quilted Hat, BeJewelled Hat, Gardners Hat, Goddess Hat, Nana Hat, or Hacker Hat.

HowBout starting with QuiltedHat. It's a bit warm for Quilted Hat and 'The Patriot' Quilt, but Independence Day is just around the corner and it's time to Wear, Display, and SELL some Red White and Blue. Although 'The Patriot' is NFS, it does go on 'The Bed' for The Fourth then back on display.
View 'The Patriot' and more Quilts HERE.
Also, out of Quilted Hat, I'll pull out....a Rabbit....Not Really....I'm not a Magician.....I'm a DoTician.
I'll pull out...FABRIC for The Fourth! Getcha some of this Flag Fabric and more from my ETSY Store...SuKnitNQuilt.

On to BeJewelled Hat.
It's been BZ with Patriotic Bead Stitch Markers and Patriotic Bead Earrings. You got it.....they are at the ETSY Store, where there is MORE Jewelry and Stitch Markers and Buttons and......Stuff.

Sure hope BeJewelled Hat doesn't lots of beads.
So, Put on your 'Uncle Sam Hat', a pair of SuRedWhiteBlue Earrings and Celebrate!
Switchin Hats, now.....Off with Hacker Hat....On with Goddess Hat. I need a YankeeDoodle Rest!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

KNITTED JEWEL...Among Jewels

'Berry BeJeweled Bag' is a jewel. SusanB-Knits modified the BerryStitch Bag Pattern, and passed it onto 'YeOld OPT'. This OPT, the original 'BerryStitch Bag Finder', should have been able to BreezeKnit this IttyBittyBag.
Alas! I AM a 'Tinker' and a 'Frogger'!
How can that be?
Pattern was EZ and Write. I had All the Right Stuff. I did Write notes. Sat in the Right Nest. Counted Right!
Whoa, KnitWit! 'Tink' back to SuRule - count every stitch every row- ya DidKnotDo.
Oh! Snap! That's It!

It's Done and It's Be-Jewel-tiful!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

ETSY SHOP....Stock Til Ya Drop

That's the way I 'DoIt'!
Sixty-eight Items Done! Quadrillion To Go!

Yep, I may have 'OverStocked' my Plate on this 'New Interest Project'. Maybe I'll 'WearItOut' sooner that usual.....Nah.....TooMuchStuffs Gotta Go! And, there is the possiblity of making some $$$$$. Yeeessss, then I can buy more Yarn, Bamboo Needles, Knitting Books, Knitting Patterns, Knitting Stuff I don't know I need, and probably Violets.
So, if you are reading this, and wondering what's ETSY, what's 4SALE, and what's HERE.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

IT'S AN ETSY SHOP...Open 4 Biznis

It's an Etsy-Bitsy SuKnitWitsy Start! Try saying that three times real fast! Until recently, the only Etsy I knew was the know "The ittsy bitsy spider went up the water spout....that one. That Spider has spun a World Wide Web Site for Artisans and Crafters to sell their Wares.! So, Up the Water Spout I go!

SuKnitNQuilt Opened June 1,2009 and the shop stocking has begun! It's a job, but somebody's gotta 'DoIt'! Well, there you go...The D Word...gets me everytime. Out of the bins comes Fabric 4 Sale...Sue's Quilt Shop's gotta go. Out of closets, chests, shelves and racks come Quilts 4 Sale...sooo many...they gotta go. Out of bins, boxes, bags and drawers come Buttons, Lace, Crochet, Embroidery and more 4 Sale...some of its gotta go. Out of the bead boxes, jewelry boxes and bags comes the's gotta go. Off the rack, out of the bags and shelves comes the Yarn and Knitted Items 4 Sale....well, maybe a little of it can go. OH!Boy! LOTSTODO!

So, Come One! Come All! to SuKnitNQuilt at The ETSY Mall! You can shop in your Jammies, your Undies, your Whateveries!
Oh! Also, at ETSY you can find SUPPLIES and VINTAGE Stuff to Buy. I'm NOT going THERE...til later.......til muuuccch later!
PS...See! I told you I'd DO June!

Monday, June 1, 2009


This Bag or That Bag or the Other Bag? Do I have to Pick a FAV? No, I Do Not! After all, If I want, I can Be Bag Goddess and Have Them All. If I want, I can even USE Them the same time. It's a 'SuRule', you know....'If You MakeIt...It Has ToBe Useful and Beautiful'! OMG! It's such a Curse...ToBe so Ruled. Oh, Well...The price we pay for being a 'DoItAll' Goddess!

LOOK, I have made an 'IttyBittyBag! It's a First, and knowing Me, it won't be the Last! In the 'Goddess Crystal BagBall' I see at least a Quadrillion! It's My 'WearItOutDestiny'! OK, SoBeIt!

This IBB, dubbed 'GrassHopper' was designed by SusanBKnits, and Wow! She Does Knit! You'll see when you visit Seduced by Yarn where IBB Pattern is published. I Do'ed IBB as the OPT...that's Official Pattern Tester...another First.

See More of 'GrassHopper' , This Bag, That Bag and Lots of Other Bags at Pathway To Knitted Bags.

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