Monday, June 1, 2009


This Bag or That Bag or the Other Bag? Do I have to Pick a FAV? No, I Do Not! After all, If I want, I can Be Bag Goddess and Have Them All. If I want, I can even USE Them the same time. It's a 'SuRule', you know....'If You MakeIt...It Has ToBe Useful and Beautiful'! OMG! It's such a Curse...ToBe so Ruled. Oh, Well...The price we pay for being a 'DoItAll' Goddess!

LOOK, I have made an 'IttyBittyBag! It's a First, and knowing Me, it won't be the Last! In the 'Goddess Crystal BagBall' I see at least a Quadrillion! It's My 'WearItOutDestiny'! OK, SoBeIt!

This IBB, dubbed 'GrassHopper' was designed by SusanBKnits, and Wow! She Does Knit! You'll see when you visit Seduced by Yarn where IBB Pattern is published. I Do'ed IBB as the OPT...that's Official Pattern Tester...another First.

See More of 'GrassHopper' , This Bag, That Bag and Lots of Other Bags at Pathway To Knitted Bags.

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  1. Very cute! Susan's such a smarty pants knitter -- you too ;-). I'm still trying to catch up.


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