Tuesday, June 9, 2009

KNITTED JEWEL...Among Jewels

'Berry BeJeweled Bag' is a jewel. SusanB-Knits modified the BerryStitch Bag Pattern, and passed it onto 'YeOld OPT'. This OPT, the original 'BerryStitch Bag Finder', should have been able to BreezeKnit this IttyBittyBag.
Alas! I AM a 'Tinker' and a 'Frogger'!
How can that be?
Pattern was EZ and Write. I had All the Right Stuff. I did Write notes. Sat in the Right Nest. Counted Right!
Whoa, KnitWit! 'Tink' back to SuRule - count every stitch every row- ya DidKnotDo.
Oh! Snap! That's It!

It's Done and It's Be-Jewel-tiful!


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