Saturday, June 13, 2009

COLLECTOR...or Accumulator

According to Martha Stewart, a Collector is "Someone who buys to create a discriminating, selective, meaningful grouping of objects that have historical as well as monetary value." An Accumulator is "Someone who buys for the Beauty or Usefulness of a particular thing and not with the main objective of forming a collection."

For all time, I've called myself a 'Collector'.....I was so sure of the title. I mean, it's there in black and white on my Antiques Dealer Business card, and 'Pastimesue' Antique Booth...Collector of Fine Glassware and Vintage Everything.

So now, according to Martha, I find out I'm really just An Accumulator! I should have realized...afterall it is a 'SuRule'....It must be a Thing of Beauty and be Useful! Well, OK, I'll just deal with it the best way I know how. Making Lists and Categories.

First...Accumulated Vintage Jewelry Group
1960-70 (historical) Necklace-Earring Parure...$24 ETSY Shop (monetary)..>..Collector
1940-50 Eisenberg Ice Brooch Appraised $225 " ..>..Collector
1940-50-60 Earring Collection ETSY Listing Pending " ..>..Collector
Dragonfly Jewel Box NFS Accumulator
Aurora Borealis Necklace Just LuvIt Accumulator

Second...Accumulated Sewing Notions & Crochet Group
1930's -1960's ShoePinCushions,Buttons &Notions ETSY Listing Pending..>..Collector
Forever Crochet Collection Some of It to ETSY Collector/Accumulator
Forever Button Collection Some of It to ETSY Collector/Accumulator

Third...Accumulated LOTS of It PENDING
I could go on and on, but in the immortal words of King Kong, I've got to catch a plane.

Not Really, I don't fly or climb tall buildings.

So, I guess it is Official....I AM A COLLECTOR and I AM AN ACCUMULATOR. Thank-you Martha Stewart and Association of Collectors Clubs.
Here's a sample of Collector/Antique Dealer Humor from ACC site.
A woman browsing through an antique store sees a cat drinking milk from a saucer. She recognizes the saucer as a rare antique piece. Trying to be clever, she says to the lady running the store, "How much do you want for the cat?"
The woman says, "Ten dollars." The lady readily agrees and goes on, "while I'm at it, could I give you another dollar for the saucer? The cat seems to enjoy drinking from it." The shopkeeper shakes her head, "Sorry, ma'am, but I've sold 19 cats from that one saucer."

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  1. I guess I'm an accumulator too!
    since I have a nice "collection" of Star Trek stuff!!


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