Saturday, June 20, 2009

HELLO HELLO...Anybody Out There?

Silence! More Silence! And Some More Silence! Guess it’s time to Hang-It-Up, WoodStock!

For CryinOutLoud it’s been 20 days. There is 80 Sumpin SuKnitNQuilt Stuff to give a ShoutOutAbout! So why all the ETSYSilence?

When I get no answers to my Hello! Here’s Whatch Been WaitN4 Listings, the silence is less than Golden, or I should say Green as in Cash!

Twenty days, you say. What’s that old adage, something about Patience is a Virtue? Oh! I’m suppose to be patient!!! Oops! That’s not one of my strong suits. In fact it’s really dangerous to mention being patient when time is a factor. I tend to get antsy and start looking for a NewWearItOut Thang!

Webster – (The Book not the Webguys)
Ver-chu - the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.
Well, lets me off the hook….I’m pretty much always RIGHT. Isn’t that right, Honey? Although, I do think forms of the word Virtue are better suited to me…like…Virtuous – morally excellent…righteous… and Virtuosa – female who excels in the technique of an art. Well, there ya go!

Now for TheList of my other virtues starting with Acceptance and Humility found on The Net at
…are you ready.... Really! They offer Virtue Enhancement and Character Healing. I didn’t do the Survey….yet….I’m still recovering from SSS… 99% fear…you know the rest.

Back to the Not So Golden Silence on ETSY! The GoldenETSY Sellers say, the same things as you, Be Patient…(the virtue thang), Promote….(beg your family and friends)….Slash Prices (not your wrists)….Do Freebies (does Shipping Count?) and SHOP ETSY yourself. I would if I had any $$$$ in my PayPal Account……HELLO!


  1. HI SKW,
    I don't really get the Etsy thing so I'll check that out. I need a little lesson on how it works and how to see everything. I didn't even KNOW about it until I told a friend I was blogging and she introduced me to the concept of Etsy shopping.
    Hang in there! You'll sell.

  2. Can you hear me now?... how 'bout now?
    Patience?! we gotta have patience? I must've missed out on it when it was passed out. I'm kinda low on patience too, lol. I try but I want it now!! (does that work for you too?)
    I guess we should listen and try to have 'some' patience.

  3. I can hear you !!!!! Exciting and interesting blog. I love your garden pics!!!!


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