Friday, June 19, 2009


I’ve finally been diagnosed. I’ve dreaded the bad news for weeks. Worked it out in my KnitWit Head that it’s probably fatal, and my sock yarn was destined for ToeUp BootHeel next to SaltyO’Day and PepperTate.

What a relief to know that my plan to live to be 100 years young is still possible, and the inscription can still read
‘Here Lies Sue…She Do’ed Herself In’ ‘May She Rest In Pieces’.
Nobody lives to be 100 and then commits HariKari... certainly not me….I have toooooo much Yarn to Knit and Fabric to Quilt.

The words came as a revelation from, this woman who calls herself a Yarn Harlot. Somehow, I just never put those two words together before, but now that I’ve been exposed to the Addictions, Ways and Means of the ‘KnittingWorld’, I can see how one could be a Yarn Harlot.

I kept seeing Yarn Harlot on Blog Lists and FAV’s….I thought maybe it was a Yarn Shop with BedRooms. So, I’m Surfing Blogs, Ravelry Friends, and other places for knitters stuff and BAM there she was….’The Yarn Harlot’ on Good Grief! She writes books. I share this newly found info with KnitterIntheKnow, SusanB-Knits, and she sez, “Oh, yeah! I have all her books!”

So, I’m now reading At Knits End…Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much, and LOLing , Whaping My 4Head and Rolling my I’s thinking…’How True and Been There Done That’! The book has 320 pages, and I’m nearing the end of so many Knitting Truths and Laughs when I turn page 305 to page 306.

There it was in Capital Letters…SSSan abbreviation referring to the crippling and common knitter’s affliction known as Second Sock Syndrome.
Relief flooded over me as I read on…..95 % of knitters suffer….99% live in fear….. unable to knit the second sock. SSS a repeating disease….casts on new pair…. spread from knitter to knitter (thanks SusanB-Knits)….spread by sock yarn itself.
After removing the BigOleBasketful of diseased stuff from ‘The Nest’,
I read on…..not fatal….but can lead to number of single hand-knit socks. Whew! I’ll be OK….I haven’t even finished ONE Sock, much less a PAIR or another Single.

My UnDying Thanks to YarnHarlot for the SSS Diagnosis, and my sincere apologies for thinking that thing about the bedroom. Hopefully the $$$ I spent on All Your Books will aide in your endeavors to buy, stash, knit and write about more yarn for the entertainment of knitters everywhere.

FYI…After reading the All Rights Reserved…I’m hoping it’s OK that I’ve used a few fractured passages and given appropriate credits. At Knits End..Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much by Stephanie P. McPhee. Storey Publishing 2005.

PS Buy It! Read It! Stash It with SockStash, and you too will be Cured of SSS.


  1. How funny! I had heard of this and now I must buy it with my Borders coupon . . . today! I haven't finished my first sock yet either! YIKES! You are a fun delight! Thanks for good information, and lots of lol.

  2. I strongly recommend two socks at once. I don't think I would have finished a pair without it. :)


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