Thursday, June 11, 2009

GET'N IT ON...Red White & Blue

Can I be a Yankee and a Texan? Yep, I sure Can! A contradiction of History....that's me! Born in Yankee Corn Country and Raised in Texas Cactus Country!
So, I can BeGettinOn with Ridin My Pony and Stickin-A-Feather In My Hat.
Question is, "Which Hat"? Knitted Hat, Quilted Hat, BeJewelled Hat, Gardners Hat, Goddess Hat, Nana Hat, or Hacker Hat.

HowBout starting with QuiltedHat. It's a bit warm for Quilted Hat and 'The Patriot' Quilt, but Independence Day is just around the corner and it's time to Wear, Display, and SELL some Red White and Blue. Although 'The Patriot' is NFS, it does go on 'The Bed' for The Fourth then back on display.
View 'The Patriot' and more Quilts HERE.
Also, out of Quilted Hat, I'll pull out....a Rabbit....Not Really....I'm not a Magician.....I'm a DoTician.
I'll pull out...FABRIC for The Fourth! Getcha some of this Flag Fabric and more from my ETSY Store...SuKnitNQuilt.

On to BeJewelled Hat.
It's been BZ with Patriotic Bead Stitch Markers and Patriotic Bead Earrings. You got it.....they are at the ETSY Store, where there is MORE Jewelry and Stitch Markers and Buttons and......Stuff.

Sure hope BeJewelled Hat doesn't lots of beads.
So, Put on your 'Uncle Sam Hat', a pair of SuRedWhiteBlue Earrings and Celebrate!
Switchin Hats, now.....Off with Hacker Hat....On with Goddess Hat. I need a YankeeDoodle Rest!

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