Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OUTTA SCRAPS...sCrapBagKnitting

sCrapBag Knitting!
Good title for the 'FeatherNtheNest Works In Progress’. First, the Lime FeatherNFan that will one day be a scarf…or not. One skein…that’s it…no mas. I dunno, maybe it could stand on it’s own as a BonifideOneSkeinWonder…nah…it’s sCrap.

Next comes ‘LesCrapBag’.
BringOnBonda! She is my own Personal Virtue Enhancement Trainer! Standing behind her, I can Knit@ThSpeedALite. BondaNSue sped thru Sixty Rows of sCraps in less than Sixty Minutes...PictUpNknit that lovely PurplesCrap onto Circulars for the next Sixty Rows & Sixty Days (when The Mood Strikes) of Ribbing.

Now, let the Ribbing Begin…..bet you thought this was going to be AllAboutsCraps!

Did ya know there are 75 Rib Patterns in my 1992 Edition of Harmony Guide To Knitting? Who knew there were that many Rib Patterns! Not this K2P2 Ribber! So, on with increasing my RibKnit Repertoire…that’s French for StuffYaNoHowToDo. Surely, there’s no more than 75, but just in case in the last 17 years another one or two have been discovered, I’ll check TheNet....

OMGoddess! TheWeb is Rabid with Ribs! And, KnitRibs are waaay down the list of the Most Sought After, Tastiest and Tattooed.
Boy Howdy! Harmony! How FarOut of It are we? It was tempting to order Carsons BabyBackRibs from Chicago…they will overnight right to your door. Harmony doesn’t have BabyBacks on it’s menu, so I know I couldn’t get that done overnight. sCrapped that idea when I realized I still have no $$ in PayPal.

And, TattooedRibs? Well, my Visual Imaging Mind was Spinning…and not yarn…that’s on my list of ToDo’s. So, I had to do a quick click, and…
Oh! No! Girl! That Had to Hurt! I hope Sock DPN’s weren’t the Needles of choice for that project.

Scrolled through lots of Ribs and Sauces until Knitted Ribs popped up! Yeah! The magic of Google. Oh! Harmony! Honey! WE ARE SOOOO FAR OUT OF IT! As in The 90’s Dark Ages Out of It!
The very Wonder of It All! Knitting ‘The U-Tube Rib’. That’s Amaazzing! They SHOW you how in like, Real Life…not sketched…and you can play it over and over until you get it….or not.

Then there is WiseGeek who tells all there is to know about Knitted Ribbing. Some of it I think he (or could be she) got from us, Harmony. I’m sure that somewhere along the SixtyRibRows I would have discovered The Mistake Rib Stitch! Really,….I swear…It’s right there in real life on U-TubeRib. Ya'll Watch.....It will be the one I can't do without making a mistake.

Well, Ya’ll….I hope this post, we all thought was going to be AllAboutsCraps, has motivated you to try at least a few of the 75 Harmony Ribs, (I’m keeping my copy, it’s a collectors item). If you are close to Carsons in Chicago (remember, they do overnight ribs). If you are thinking about Tattooed Ribs, you might rather have SSS (getting stuck with DPN’s isn’t quite as painful). If you are already a RibProfANado (that’s Spanish for PerfectRibber) then you might want to add to your Repertoie The Mistake Rib Stitch. If you are a RibProfANada (that’s Spanish for NoRibNoWay Jose’) I hope I’ve at least Tickled Your Ribs…“You see, my dear, it is not true that woman was made from man's rib; she was really made from his funny bone.” James Matthew Barrie (1860-1937) Creator of PeterPan


  1. lol! love your topic for the day! it did tickle my funny bone!! hehe! don't have any TattooedRibs but what I do have they did NOT use sock dpns (that would've hurt, ouch!)hmmm... must be time to get another...

  2. Isn't YouTube the greatest thing? I learned to knit from watching those videos (& KnittingHelp.com) over & over -- well kind of learned I should say. Miss Susan did have to show me how to do lots of things -- nothing like a 'real' knitting teacher (you are real aren't you Susan ;-) -- especially how to avoid backward purling!


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