Sunday, June 28, 2009

BLOG!!...Exactly What Is It?

The other day I received an Email from somebody called Cecilia…I don’t know a Cecilia, and I don’t need any Enhancement Drugs. So just as the pinkie was hovering over the DeleteDaSpam key I recognized the Other name. Get back pinkie…it’s Anne from the Class of 1965.

I click on Reply to Cecilia…and start typing my story of not knowing my Other name until Freshmen College English (I gradgeeated even with my SpellinSkils). The Prof Called Roll (it was in the 60’s and a small Univ.)…Sandra _____....Silence….Absent for half the semester…Dad got mid-term report...wanted to know how I was passing without attending class….(he knew about the SpellinSkils). Got that fixed with the Prof, and to this day can’t spell my first name, but still have a fun time SkrewinUp grammar and spelling.

Cecilia, AKA Anne, had visited my Blog and kinda understood….except for the knitting stuff. That’s Okay, Anne, most of the time I don’t get it either, and If I don’t get it you can imagine the confusion of those who do get Knitting until they read my Blog.

I dedicate ThisBlogPost to my Fellow 1965 Classmates who have been directed here to read what my husband (also, a 1965 Classmate) calls alot of BS out of a smart-mouthed, grammar and spelling deficient graduate of MHS. He's just kidding.....I think. He's the one who has always called me a 'NitWit' I guess I'm his fault.

So Now, I will attempt to answer your question, Anne.
'Just exactly what is a BLOG'?
For TheRest of HERE or on the '65 Lobo' Button.....OnThe SideBoard.
PS. Please Post Comments....After Reading TheRest of ThisPost.

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