Sunday, June 14, 2009

SOCK IT TO ME...Times Six

BaaBaa 'Brown Sheep' have you any SockWool? Yes, Sue, Yes Sue, you have a Big Ole Basket FULL!

Question: When are you going to finish at least the OneSock?
a. When the mood strikes.
b. When SusanB-Knits sez 2
c. When Pigs Fly.
d. When Hell Freezes Over.
e. All of the Above


Crazy, how 'Being In the Mood' affects sooooo many things in life. I'm always in the mood to eat, but not to cook. I'm always in the mood to knit, but not socks.

When SusanB-Knits sez, "Let's SitNKnit", the Socks Bag is the first one I grab. Then I add...the Scarf Bag or the Bag Bag or Whatever Bag. Just in case the 'NoWaySock Mood' strikes. And then Susan-B sez,"Look at These Socks with Lace+Cables+Knit2x in BkSt+3xYO+12 DPN+ToeUp+SuUcanDoIt = When Pigs Fly!

Headlines in Saturday paper. San Angelo Hottest Spot In the NATION...that's all of the USA, ya'll! So that takes care of 'When Hell Freezes Over'.

The thing is, I really love socks. I wear them year round....well maybe not when it's 106 degrees. I have sock patterns, sock books, those DPN Toothpicks, a SOX Stitch Marker, and 'TheNest' all setup for SocKnitting..........When the Mood Strikes!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many skeins of Wildfoote she didn't know what ToDo. So, she just Accumlated Sock Yarn hoping for the 'Mood To Strike' so she could add Socks to her Ravelry Projects SmileyFace List.


  1. Concerning socks: I'm stuck. I tried to get my old neighbor to help, but she doesn't do patterns! She tried to show me but she doesn't get what I'm stuck on. I'll take my problem to the yarn shop. They scare me though. They aren't cozy like you online knitters. I always choose Brown Sheep yarn when I'm overwhelmed by choices at the yarn store. I like your play list - it's fun!

  2. Oh! After reading your profile, I think you'd like the paintings of Emily Carr. She was a Canadian writer and artist. Check it out on line. I'd love to hear what you think.

  3. Hey Susie, thank you so much for the kind comment on my little blog!
    I am such a moodie knitter too. Lately, I've been in a scarf/wrap mood -- no socks on the needles for me either. Seems crazy to be knitting wraps for those of us who live in the hottest town in the USA though, doesn't it. Maybe knitting things for cool weather gives us hope that there really will be some in our futures? Come on October -- I hate summer!

  4. hehehe, it's ok to have a sock UFO. One day you'll be in the mood for sock knitting. And it has been hot here! maybe when the weather's cooler you'll be "in the mood" lol


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