Friday, May 15, 2009

Knit Bag Lady - Never Too Many!

One can never have too many bags. A bag-purse for all the stuff....wallet, keys, small bag for lipstick, pillbox, and an even smaller bag for jewelry and tiny stuff....all goes into the 'Bag-Purse'. Then there's the Basket Bag for car stuff ......lotion, water bottle, tissues, tire pressure tool and a couple of smaller bags for whatever. THEN there are Knitting Bags. One for Sock Project...that's 5 dpn's, 2 skeins, stitchmarker, measuring tape, instructions, etc., and hopefully one day 2 socks...WIP. Bigger Bag for BSJ Project, that's 3-4 skeins, circular needles, the tool bag, and 3/4 knitted BSJacket....also WIP. Two more Bags for 2 'Knitting Needle Bags' also WIP....that's right....Bags for Bags. All that to reinforce my point....Never Too Many. Bagged WorksInProgress do become Finished Bags.

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