Friday, May 29, 2009

I Really Wanted To Be A Violet

Although I like Cannas, I really wanted to be a Violet. My Aunt Bea started my love of Violets. She had Quadrillions of them. I wanted to be a Violet back then too, so I carefully dragged a Violet Starter Stash from Violet Country East Texas back to Cactus Country West Texas. In my usual 'WearItOut' mode, I soon had Violets in every appropriate light spot; read every 'How To Grow Violets' book; bought Violet Pots, Violet Potting Soil, Violet Food, and More Violets! Who knew one could grow Violets in Cactus Country! Well, I Do'ed It! However, my Violets did Shrink over time! You guessed it! Another 'WearItOut' Interest came along.

So Violets were saved for all time in watercolor...I'm still looking for it in my portfolios.

T H E N.....I spotted the two 'Sadly Shrinking Violets' on Clearance! If Violets could scream like Cannas, these two 'pitiful purple' violets were saying 'Rescue Us, Pretty Please'! And, of course, I Do'ed It Again. But this time it's only these two...."Famous last words", said the guy who paid the $1.50 for each.

One day soon mine will look like Violets by Susan
P.S. My Tongue is Bleeding! There is so much I want to say about Violets! Later! I've got to go shop for Violet pots, dirt, food and probably more Violets!

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  1. i have one GIANT violet plant. i brought it home from my grandmothers house roughly seven years ago as a small cutting off of one of hers. she had an amazing collection of very healthy violets and made it look easy. even though i had tried before with no good luck . . .
    i've amazed myself and others who see it with it's vigor and health although there have been a couple of close calls and near death experiences.
    this past spring my grandma Dixie passed away and i will miss her incredible and graceful spirit in my life . . . at least i think i will until i spot my beautiful african violet . . . then i realize that she remains with me, especially in spirit.
    weird how a simple house plant can become a such a special prompt for so many memories and thus a daily reminder of just how close my grandmother will remain. even if i do, god forbid, somehow manage to kill the plant.



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