Monday, May 18, 2009

Q is for QUILTS

"A is for Always. B is for Bee. C is for Creative.
D is for DoIt."

An appropriate motto for a 'DoItAllAholic! So, as I 'DO'ed' my way through the ABC's, I skipped 'P' and went to Q. Not many words start with Q.....OK....Queen of Quilts. Double up on the Q's and that should take care of that letter.

P??? I'll BE BAAACK !
Who knew that Q would be so 'Quintessential'....(Webster again, the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form).
G R R E A A A T! I'll never get to Back to P. Much less Move on to R.

Quick! Help Me! I'm Stuck on Q, and I Can't Quit.

Not only does Quilt start with 'Q' there are more Q words associated with Quilt than one can shake a Quill at. Here's one...Quadrilateral, having four sides, another one...Quadrillion, the number of pieces in some of my quilts, and another, Quaint...unusual or different in character (like theVintage Quilts I love). Yet another, Quarter...the size of the seam used in piecing. How about Queasy, how one feels after cutting the wrong size blocks and there is no more fabric. Quinine water, what one drinks when Queasy. Quiver, what one does after drinking Quinine water

Yes, I know....It is Time to Quit!

Just one more....Quillow, a quilt that folds into a Pillow! Yeah!! I'm Back to P!

View a Few QUILTS I Have Made!

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