Saturday, May 16, 2009

YARN Yarney

Right from the Get-Go, I'll unravel this mis-spun yarney.....this is no tall tale. It's down the straight, narrow and hard to swallow Truth Path of a Yarnaholic. In addition to the Addictions listed on the last post, here is the rest of the Yarn.

+More Tools, Gadgets, Knitting Machine, Books and Magazines.

+Table for the Knitting Machine and specialty tools.

+Knitting Studio with storage for Yarn, Knitting Machine, etc., etc., etc..

+Knitting Nest in the living room with Compfy Chair and Ottoman in front of TV.

+Ott Light and room around the Compfy Chair for WIP BAGS.

+Computer with every Knitting Site on the Web marked as FAVS.

+Knitting Friends with Similar Addictions and Understanding Husbands.

Oh! BTW! Thank-you HONEY!

Once upon a time there was an old woman who lived in a shoe and knitted socks for you know who.

The End


  1. So cute and so true!
    I love your title picture!

  2. Gracias, Mi Amiga...Gotta Havs...You have some too? LOL


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