Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bag Lady Back to 'Bonda'

It Was A Trip! A Knit With Friends, Yarn Seeking and Lunch Eating Trip to The Stitching Post!
See SusanBKnits post and pictures at

My Yarn Seeking led to a basket of 'WoolieLookin' BIG Round Skeins. Surprise! It's Acrylic and perfect for a Bonda Bag.....maybe two. Whaaala! Presenting 'Marble Bond Stix Bag'. 'Bonda' and I whipped out this one Quickly (love those Q words), and if you are a BONDER, You Can Too!

Introducing SuKnitWitty Path To Patterns


This pattern is the first link on Path To Patterns List .... More to Come.
There are more Q's......See Q Is for Quilt

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  1. Beautiful bag! and I like the way you link to your patterns.


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