Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MAKING BEDS - Flower Not Queen

'Garden Thyme' Tuesday! Time to change the Dirt in the Beds.....that's mulch not sheets! Digging in the dirt has long been a favorite time. My first dirt digging was a yummy creation of Mudpie Pancakes that my brother was served for breakfast in our dirt floor playhouse. Through the years I found lots of things that deal with dirt. Dirty laundry....I don't know why that popped up first.....I'll get to it Wednesday! Let's see, there's Dirty Words, Dirt Poor, Dirt Farm, Dirt Devil, Dirty Jobs, Dirt Road, Dirt Dobber and Dirt.com .....Really! Then there's related dirt words...Muddy Mess, Mudslinging, Mud Worm, Mud Wrestle, Muddy Water, Mud Puddle, and Mud.com....Not Really! Oh! Let's not forget, 'Stick In The Mud'. I think I've been called that or been told to do that! Whichever, I do remember trying a 'Mud Pack'. What was I thinking?

So, now lets 'Get Down and Dirty' and talk about my Mulch. Mulching is a Must! Mostly, I mulch all the flower and veggie beds when spring comes, when weeding, when watering and when covering plants for winter. I sure Mulch-alot! I even have a Mulching Bed! Really! It makes the Best Dirt ever. OK! I won't go there!
Now, 'It Is Thyme To See' the results of all 'My Bed Making & Mulching'. Take a stroll down my Garden Path.

See Ya There! Oh! Yeah! "Here's Mud In Yer Eye"


  1. I loved taking a stroll through your garden! It is lovely. And I see you have two cute helpers. : )

  2. Love your garden Sue! I'm so jealous of your raised bed -- been 'naggin' Art to make me one -- or some ;-).
    Thanks for your suggestion about the wrap. I do love that yarn, so I ordered 9 balls from Hobby Lobby -- same 'wrk order'. Guess we'll see when they come in if they're the same loveliness as the first batch?


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