Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just A Beadin'...On The PiggyPie Chart 4

BeadIt, Yeah Just BeadIt! 
I'd be listening and singing along with that tune while Beading, but  for ONE...
I can't sing and TWO I have to COUNT....past TWO!

Here's my Beading Count Cadence for Beading Row #82...
Knit 1 ... Load Bead on Crochet Hook and Slip Hook in Stitch 2...

...Slip Stitch 2 off Knitting Needle onto Crochet Hook...

...Slide Bead off Crochet Hook onto Stitch 2 holding Loop on Hook...

...Slip Stitch 2 back on Knitting Needle...

...Knit Stitch 2...Knit 3 4 5 6 7...Repeat Beading Steps on Stitch 8...

...Knit 9 10 11 12 13...Repeat Beading Steps on Stitch 14...Knit 15 16 17 18...

...Repeat 3l more times = 32 Sets of 18 stitches Beaded

Doin' the Math
32 MultiPie'd by 3 Beads = 96 Beads on 96 Stitches = 96 Bead Loaded Hooks
So, with every Row having 576 stitches and 96 of them are beaded that leaves 480 stitches unbeaded. 

Doin' Higher Math
96 BLH's MultiPie'd by 4 Rows...80-82-104-106 = 384 BLH's, Stitches and Beads
That means that by the time I finish Row 106 I will have
Beaded 384 Stitches and knitted 1,920 unbeaded stitches in 4 Rows
and with the 20 Rows of Knits, YarnOvers, K2tog's and SSK's
which amounts to 11,520 stitches,
I will have been Beadin' and Knittin' for the better part of
13,824 Stitches!

My PiggyPie Shawl/Sweater

Now with my Self-Bestowed BLH PHd in MultiPieCation
 I'm hoping that on Rows 83 through 102 I will be able to Listen and SingAlong!
By the time I have to BeadIt again on Rows 104 and 106
I'll probably end up Back On BeadIt Row 80
with my First MultiPieCation Degree
and just's not even Wednesday!!!!
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