Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Heart Belongs To NeedleWork

My how Sewing Rooms have changed!
For one thing there's only One of Me making a Mess in my New Sewing Room!
And another thing, I don't get all that dressed up to Sew!
And one more thing, I mostly use a Rotary Cutter and occasionally Scissors, but I sure don't cut with either one in Mid-Air!
And for sure, I don't have a Serving Girl bringing Tea and Cookies!

Sew, I've been the 'DomesticSewinDiva' since the last post where my New Sewing Room was all neat and tidy!

TaDa!!! I made a MESS!!! Without Sewin A Stitch!!!
Yep, somethings are definately different in Sewing Rooms in the 21st Century!
Why if those Gals in the 19th Century or even the early 20th Century had what I have that gets the job done without SewinAStitch,
we probably wouldn't even have all the Fancy Sewin Machines we have today.
The GlueGun would have revolutionized Victorian Embellishments, and boy did they love to Embellish!

Some say I'm a pretty good 'Embellisher', too! Course, it depends on who you're talking to as to what I'm good at Embellishing!
My Friends 'Permilia and Barbs' would tell you it
'Ain't what she Does, but more like what she Says'.
My Bloggin Friends over at CollectInTexas Gal who received the Birthday Party Favors I made while making 'The Mess' would be tellin ya,
"It's what she Does, definately what she Does".

My Heart DOES Belong to NeedleWork...Unless the GlueGun Works!


  1. It would be nice if someone brought us tea and cookies while we sew/knit. lol, but since we don't we'll just make a cuppa before we start our project.
    You are a great embellisher! both doing and sayin'
    I love reading your posts!!

  2. Yes, I think it is your sparkle that makes you the wonderful SUE! It spills over and sticks to everything and makes pretty, pretty, pretty.


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