Friday, January 1, 2010

January...It's All About...The Calendar

It's A New Calendar Year...

It's A New Year of Knitting Calendar...

Birth Stone for January is the Garnet

The Carnation is January's Flower

January Events of Note by the Day...

January 1...New Year celebrated in most Countries of the World. Paul Revere's B-Day Jan. 1,1735 and Betsy Ross Jan.1,1752.
January 3...Alaska became 49th State of US in 1959. (SKW's paternal grandmother was an Alaskan...not an Eskimo, tho)
January 5...Nellie T. Ross became the First Woman Governor of A State 1925...Wyoming. (wonder if she was kin to Betsy)
January 6...B-Day of Carl Sandburg in 1878 (SKW's favorite poet). Wedding date of SKW's Mom and Dad in 1946.
January 9...B-Day of President Richard M. Nixon in 1913.
January 10...Thomas Paine published Common Sense in 1776. SKW never read it, but never let it be said that 'SKW Doesn't Have a Lick of Common Sense'.
January 14... B-Day of Albert Schweitzer in 1875. SKW and Albert have slightly different views on 'The Theory of Relativity'.
January 18...B-Day of Daniel Webster in 1782. SKW's #1 SpellinReference Guru.
January 19...B-Day of Edgar Allen Poe in 1809. Mr. SKW's favorite poet.

January 20...Inauguration day of US Presidents every fourth year beginning in 1937 with Franklin D. Roosevelts 2nd Term as US President. SKW's Birthday in 1947 and according to Wikepedia nothing of Historic Importance happened on that day...except to my Mom who gave birth to a baby girl in a local Nursing Home because she couldn't get to the hospital due to a Snow Storm in Exira, Iowa.

January 21...General Stonewall Jackson's B-Day in 1824. Not the namesake of SKW's grandson Jackson.
January 24...Gold discovered in California in 1848. SKW fast approching the 'Golden Years' without much gold.

January 26...Cullian Diamond, worlds largest diamond, discovered in 1905. SKW received her first Diamond on December 27, 1965.

January 29...B-Day of President William McKinnley in 1843.
January 30...B-Day of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1882.

Some Famous Folks on January's List...Presidents, Poets, Patriots, Professors, Professional FlagSewer, Prospectors, and Pea In The Pod #One of Five...that'd be SKW who is Famously Bossy to the other Peas.


  1. Hi Sue! I'm one of five, too. I'm the fourth though - didn't get to boss. I love it that you were born in a nursing home. What a sweet contrast between old and new! Happy January! It's your month!

  2. Hi again, Sue! For Firefly Cottage commenting, click on the drop down menu and sign in with your blogger account. I clicked "remember once" and posted as a guest. Easy! Have a happy day!

  3. I was born in Alaska before it was a state!!
    Happy January to you!


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