Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday Knit Trio Breaks In the MadeOver Studio

The Wednesday Trio met in the 'MadeOver' Studio Wednesday afternoon, and I'm so glad they came before I had time to
'Trash It' with the start of a new project!
It's always a pleasure to start a new project in a neat and orderly space.
And it's just as much a pleasure to be able to walk out and close the door on a the mess made with the project in progress!

Gina is following 'The NewYear Plan' and finishing a UFO started in 2009!
SusanB-Knits is also stickin to the Plan and working on a pair of socks started last year!
Aren't they good knitters for StickinToResolutes?
I'm doin Turkey Work...or is it Turkey Trots?
It's on the 'NotStartin AnotherThing' much for SKW StickinToIt!

Here's a closeup look at Turkey Work.
It's the white loopy thingy's that will make the fur on Santa's Hat!
How that got the name Turkey Work is a mystery to me, but both Gina and Susan are NeedlePoint Goddess' and that's what they said the stitch was called.
Far as I can tell, the only Turkey at the Table is the one doin the TurkeyWork!
I do NeedlePoint much like I the seat of my pants!
And when your working with pointy thingys, sometimes you get the pants

PS...There's more Turkey's Workin in the 'Storage Closet'!


  1. I wanna come! I see a chair for me! What would I bring? Hmmmmm . . . yarn and a hook! I need help from Sue!

  2. Oh, PomPom...Please Come! I couldn't have done it without your Wand, and besides YOU started this whole thing with ONE little ??? "Would you SHOW me Your STASH"? You can even sit in the 'Princess of QuiteALot Chair'. Come anytime!

  3. 'gobble, gobble' : )
    Just 'cuz we work on a UFO at WedKnitTrio doesn't mean we don't start new things... oops! I didn't mean to say that... I mean yep, GinaP and me are working on UFOs. Enjoyed visitin' the MadeOverStudio.


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