Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks...Or Can You?

'You Talkin Bout Me'?

My Birthday was last November 28th

And this is how many Candles were on My Cakes!

And this is how many Candles were on Your Cake!

 So I know you can't be TalkingBout Me or Sister Ruby!
 She's only a few seconds older...I guess that's why she's so Bossy!

No, Dolly, I'm NOT TalkinBout Ya'll.
I'm TalkinBout SuKnitWitty!!
And, it's not Nice to be ComparinCakes!

I am TalkinBout how I was a 'Reluctant BlogChanger'.  
This 'Old Dog', as HiTekie as I am, has a hard time with "If It Ain't Broke...Don't Fix It".
So, when Blogger came out with the 'New Editor', I said "Nope, I'm good with the 'Old Editor'.
Now, just out of curiosity, I did check it out....right through...

How to enable the new editor...To enable the new editor, first navigate to your blog's Settings ....

To me, that was a WARNING...kinda like what Mama used say about her old Singer...
DO NOT TOUCH the Tension Dial Setting!
So, I Sure DidNot Touch IT for fear the Tension Police would come Take Away my Sewing Machine!
Now, I'm also a firm believer in "Necessity Is The Mother of Invention"!
When you are a 'Seat of YourPants Flyer', like SKW, you're always Inventin! Or at least Needin An Invention!

Well, 'Old Editor' wasn't Broke, but it was Old and OuttaDate and would not let me 'Mess' with Picture Sizing even in the HTML where I flew right into a seat full of 'Real ScaryStuff'.  I backed outta there pretty pronto....I could feel the 'BloggerPolice' breathin down the back of my neck!

Why is it so hard to ask for HELP!  I think I'm 'SuchAKnowItAll'...could that be why? 
Well, anyway, I did ask Blogger Help, "How do I make pictures 'Embigger"?
They were really nice and didn't say, "Well, if you weren't 'SuchAKnowItAll", a 'Reluctant BlogChanger', and had read past the first sentence of the 'New Editor' you would know that the New Editor has an XLarge Picture selection".  And that's not ALL, ya'll!  There's lots of really cool stuff and you don't have to 'Mess' with the HTML and worry about the 'BloggerPolice". 

PS...The picture of Dolly is the templates Large selection and the Collage picture is the XLarge.
 Much EmBiggened, huh?
PPS...You CAN teach an OldDog new tricks!  But first that OldDog has to know the difference between 
'Come Here' and 'SicEm'!


  1. Yahoo! Thank you for the tip and thank you for the dog cuteness today. I love looking at them! I'm going to try the new editor tonight. lovelovelove YOU, SUE!

  2. i s'pose i won't tell you i been using that new editor for a while now - actually kinda like it - although sometimes i can type the code faster - but ya cudda ast me too - i'll hep ya! :) :)

  3. ps - that editor don't do anything for me mispellings!! sorry....... lol

  4. Your little doggie babies are so cute. And, so are you. I love your new photo on the sidebar.
    Thanks for the tips on blogger. I will probably be asking for help too.


  5. Thanks for the tips! I am still a little clueless in this blogging business! I can get your button on my post but not on my sidebar! LOL!


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