Saturday, January 16, 2010

HERE ~ THERE ~ EVERYWHERE MakeOver...Even QuiltALotty!

So, you have recovered from the First TourDeStudio and SKW's ShockingFabricStash!
I put the curtains down as soon as you left the other day, so just pretend it's not there and I think you'll be fine.
Let's continue with the Tour, shall we?

Here on the other side of the Studio is 'QuiltALotty' or 'Quilta' for short!
She and I have been together for about 15 years, and she has had a few UpGrades and MakeOvers.
So she's used to my Switchin Things Around, and adapts pretty well to change.

Quilta is a Gammill LongArm Quilting Machine and is my second one. Since I've had her, Gammill has kept up with tecnology and the newer models are 'Computer Compatable' and have 'Digital Stitch Regulators' and some other Bells and Whistles that Quilta and I will do without. As much as I like all the new technology in the Sewing and Quilting World, I'm pretty much 'OldQuiltaSchool' and like the creative freedom of Manual Operation.

In every Studio or Shop, the WorkerBee must have a 'WorkSpace' in which ToBEE! To the right of Quilta and left of the SitSleepNKnittin area is just such a space! Looks pretty neat and organized right now, huh?
That's cause I just finished the MakeOver and haven't had a chance to have a MessOver yet!

That's about it for the this part of the MakeOver. We still have the SewinRoom which has moved from Here to There. I'll show you There a little later. Right now, how about some Detail Shots of Here...where There are some Little Books with Big Knittin Ideas and Witty Words!

Close by the Books is this Basket of YARN...I'm easily inspired to start 'Another Project'. Thank goodness the Knittin Needles are close at hand.

PS...Come back soon for a tour of the MadeOver Sewin Room. I haven't made a 'MessOverThere' yet, but it won't be long since it's much warmer THERE than HERE!

Come anytime...I'll leave the Light On For You...Here and There!!!

Check The Storage Closet. It's getting packed with overflow!


  1. Very inviting...and pretty. GET BUSY!...after my shawl and gloves.

  2. Wow! That machine is HUGE! Someday, when I finally piece together a quilt top, it shall come to you for a ride on Quilta.


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