Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SuKnitWitty the Expansionist & MakeOver Magician!

Have you ever wanted to 'Have A Makeover'???

I probably thought I wanted one on my 50th Birthday,
but HGTV wasn't born yet?

And now that my 'SixtySomethin' Birthday is OneWeekAway,
'MajorMakeOver'...You Are On My Mind!

It's not for 'This SixtySomethin Person'...
Nope...I'm pretty happy with what
My Mama & Daddy gave me and what
MrSKW takes credit for as the
'Woman I Am Today'.

It's SuKnitWitty and SuKnitWitty's Studio!

Browsing around SKW you'll see the Blog MakeOver with the New Background, New Header, ReOrganized SideBar, and Re-Named Places to Browse Around.
You'll find the Featured Posts in 'The Storage Closet' and in 'The Stash'.

Are You Ready for the Grand Opening of the StudioReDo?

Thank you for taking the Tour of Sue's Studio, formerly called 'The FridgeZone', since Texas Mother Nature has 'LostIt' and turned Texas into the WestPole! This 'Freakish Turn of the Weather' has here to fore 'ShutDown' the Quiltin and Sewin and made getting into the Yarn Stash a FurParka Expedtion.
As we enter the newly 'MadeOver' Studio, we are
Welcomed by 'Quilta' and her EnTourage of PinCushion Sweethearts!

Come On In...It's warmer now with a couple of heaters running full blast.

TaDa!!! The Sewing Cabinets and Machines have moved to where This Bed once resided.

A few Swishes with my 'PomPomWand', and 'The SitSleep'nKnit' area is done.

Before I reveal what's behind

'Sue's Quilt Shop' Quilt and Curtains One and Two,

please keep in mind that I no longer 'Own' a Quilt Shop,

and I did


as much Fabric as possible.

I believe that's enough for now!
I'll let you recover from
'The ShockingFabric Stash'
and invite you back for the rest of the Tour on another day!

PS...Please Exit through the 'Garage Door'...You'll probably need the 'Blast of ColdAir' for your recovery! I'm sure you would like to leave a comment. I'll understand if you would like to think about it for awhile and come back.

PPS...More MakeOver Pics in the Storage Closet.


  1. Cute, Cozy, Cool! Just need my knitted gloves, head/ear warmer, and that pile of quilts. No counting sheep there,just sweet chillin Texas dreams.

  2. Awesome! I love the quilt on the bed! You are very organized with all that wonderfulness, Sue.

  3. Oh! I'm glad that award-winning Pom Pom wand came in handy! (BIG HUG!)

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! I'm so glad you're finding the tips and ticks helpful. I have to say I love your bedroom set-up, everything within arm's reach. It's obvious that pompom wand works magic!

  5. Great studio and I love the quilts on the bed! So glad you let me know your sewing blog too! I'll be back!

  6. Oooo, looks like a crafty girl's paradise to me! I love that hex quilt -- can I have it ;)?
    I'm still a knittin but also started some new embroidery projects recently and I'm thinking (just thinking) about bringing my sewing machine in from the garage - this is big for me ;-)!
    Blessings to you,


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