Sunday, August 9, 2009

Princess Of QuiteALot...It's All Relative!

Just how much is ‘QuiteALot’?
Like Einstein, I Believe in the ‘Theory of Relativity'.
SuKnitWitty and Einstein…now there’s a BrainComPairSon…His EnglishSpellinSkills probably weren’t much better than my MathSkills-InAnyLanguage.
Not that I know what that Law was all about, (I looked it up in 1961 Webster) somethin about…Equivalence of MassVelocity on Postulated Systems of the Phenomena of Gravitational LightBulbs regardless of the NumericalValue.
Okay,I added the ‘Bulb’ Thingy, but the ‘Gravitational’ part fits my Gravitating to QuiteALot of KnitStuffTheory.

1961 Webster..Relative..a thing having a relation to or connection with or necessary dependence upon another thing.
SuKnitWitty RelativityKnitRule…Masses of Yarn that Connect with NecessaryNeedles to Create the Phenomena of having QuiteALot of KnitStuff…Regardless of Numerical$$Value.
See…Like I said…It’s All Relative!

Once upon a time there was a Queen of QuiteALot of QuiltingPostulatedSystems.
There was a MassVelocity of Fabric, Batting, Thread, Gadgets, Machines and RelativeStuff. The NumericalValue was beyond Einsteins ‘E=mc2’.
Suffering from the Phenomena of QuadrillionQuilts…TheQueen proceeded to DeVelocitize the QuiltingPostulatedSystems from QuiteALot to NotQuiteSoMuch.
She had ‘WornHerselfOut’ and needed a NewInterest with NotQuiteSoMuch NecessaryStuff.
The DeThronedQueen, now ‘PleasedToBePrincess’, Stowed the QuiteALotLeft QuiltStuff to PurSuANew…Interest.
With a ‘LiteRTiara’ and QuiteALotLessStress, she discovered the SpecialTheory of KnitOnePurlTwo = SuKnitWitty RelativityKnitRule.

Here I am…The Princess of QuiteALot…
Of Yarn…Of Knitting Needles…Of Yarn…Of Knitting Projects…Of Yarn…Of Stitch Markers…Of Yarn…Of Knitting Books…Of Yarn.

I Just Can’t Help My ‘PrincessQuiteALotSelf’!!!

I swear on my FirstEdition Treasury of Knitting Patterns
I DoNot WantToBe QueenOfQuiteALot again.
“What difference does it make how much you have?
What you do not have amounts to much more.”

PS…Never let it be said that GRIT have no knowledge of Einsteins Theory of Relativity, bless his heart, he couldn’t help he wasn’t from Texas and could have simply said, “Es Todo Relatividad”.
PPS… Albert, Shugar…What’s with That Haaairrrr?
PPPS…Thanks SusanB for the PrincessQuiteALot NeedlePack, and for the ‘SubtleReminder’ that SuKnitWitty’s PrincessStatus is Velocitizing. May I remind You…Your LadyInWaitingALot has Velocitized to PrincessStatus, and if you aren’t careful a QuiteALotBigger Tiara awaits. SKW’s QueenOfQuiltALot Tiara should fit just fine. Also, much more SockYarn and your 'NewNest is lible to 'Splode'.


  1. oh Lordy - - does that mean we're related? reLatIvely sPeakiNg tHeoritically? :) (bless your heart...........) :) :)

  2. rofl! Splode?! I was told "sock yarn does not count as stash!"

  3. Hi SKW,
    When I was in my thirties and forties, I thought my accumulation of "stuff" was charming and it seems like overnight, it all started to look like a rat's nest. Now, I am finding that I want less and less around me. Don't tell my husband though or he'll start taking away my books . . .
    When my parents moved from a house to a condo, my sister went to help and she said, "All they have is a bunch of OLD junk." That was an ah ha moment for me! So, I'm trying to stay a hand maiden to the Princess of Quite A Lot. If you saw my house right now though, you'd see that I have a ways to go!

  4. Yes, Sue! Maston and Caley Ave. Thank you again for all the lovely "hoopla" about your prize! It made me feel cheerful! I will still post when school starts, but my posts may be a little tired. I'm hoping I'm getting better and more efficient (this is only my fifth whole year teaching)but efficiency has never been my strength!
    Ha ha! The post mistress was wrong! Yea for the USPS!


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