Sunday, August 16, 2009

CollectInTexas Gal...The ABC's of Collecting

Do You have Stashes of Stuff? Are You an Accumulator...or...Are You a Collector?
Do You have a Wide Open Range of Interests...Even OPS (OtherPeoplesStuff)?
Do You Frequent Antique Shops, Thrift Shops, Flea Markets and Yard/Garage Sales?
Can You Alphabetize Your StuffStashes?
If you can "SayYes" to One or More of these Questions.....
Then 'CollectInTexas Gal' is the blogspot for You.

Everything From Art to Zippers

SuKnitWitty has been Collectin for QuiteSomeTime and has Collected QuiteALot.

And, BelieveItOrNot, most of it IsNot KnittingStuff.

Oh, and it's NOT just SKW's Real-Life Collections...(like that's not enough)...but...
QuiteALot of OPS and WWWeb Virtual Collections as well as Antique Shops around Texas.

This Girl Raised In Texas will 'Show Ya Some Real Old and NotSoOld Stuff'. So, Ya'll Come on Over from SuKnitWitty to CollectIn Texas Gal...The ABC's of Collecting! See Ya There!

PS...Free Alphabetizing Tips given...Bet you can hardly wait for that...Knowin SKW SpellinSkills.
PPS...You can Always get From SuKnitWitty to CollectIn Texas Gal and Back...Buttons on the SideBoard.


  1. I bookmarked your new site so I can keep up with how to be "collectin in TX" (now that I'm livin' in TX) Let me know when you want to feature one of my collections, lol.

  2. I'll have to check this out, Sue! How are you? Is the reunion over or yet to come? I go back to school tomorrow. xopp


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