Friday, August 7, 2009

Victoria Amazonica...WaterLily Queen

The Regal Victorias of The San Angelo
International Water Lily Collection, are the Crowning Glory of the collection of LovelyLilyLadiesInWaiting.

The giant water platter Victoria has captured the imagination of the world from the very first glimpse of it in its wild South American home in l801. Named for Queen Victoria, it was nearly 50 years later that it was first brought to bloom in "captivity" in England, inspiring a wave of enthusiasm for its size and the beauty of its flowers. Victoria Amazonica

A Point of Interest in San Angelo????? YouBetcha!!!! Thanks to '65er Janie White Michilak for the suggestion.

SuKnitWitty strolled through the LilyPond...HPBrownie in Hand...
Thinking before I got there....
"Oh! I'll take a few shots to give the '65erReunioner's a Preview".
TwoFullScanDisks, TwoDeadBatteries, and TwoHours later I reluctantly left.
Enjoy the LilyPond Tour via SuKnitWitty's 'SmokinHPBrownie'!

So, How did you like TheMiniTour?

For the 'TwoScanDisk/TwoDeadBattery/TwoHours Tour.....Click HERE and view the LilyPond SlideShow.

Click HERE to view the LilyPond FlowerGarden & Park SlideShow.

If you are a '65erReunion'er...I hope you will have time in your schedule of events to visit..... The SanAngelo International Lily Collection.

If you are a SuKnitWitty Follower...Thanks for Being Here and Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the butterflies!!

  2. beautiful! Looks like a fun day for you and you & "big baby bubba" I want to go there when I visit.

    hugs from "lil sis"

  3. Loved the slideshows...didn't even know San Angelo had such a place. Going to have to see that in person one of these days. I enjoyed seeing your "sidekick" there...he's getting tall and so good looking!

    Love ya! LS


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