Friday, August 14, 2009


Are you a 'ListMaker'?
Do you have a PadNPencil handy in the Kitchen (for Milk, Eggs, Chips and Chocolate), in the 'PowderRoom' (for Crest, Charmin, and Chocolate), in the Knitting Nest (for #9 Circulars, ChunkyYarn and Chocolate)?
If the Answer is Yes...You Might Be A ChocoHolic .
FYI...I DoNot recommend Eating Chocolate in the PowderRoom.

Now, I know you are wondering, 'What's with the ListMaking, Knitting and Chocolate?'
Well, if you're like Husband sez "God Help Us"...
and you are a Lister...SeniorMomentsHappen...
and you Knit...if you don't..WhyNot?...
and you like Chocolate...Who Doesn't?...
Then these ThreeTopics 'Lists-Knitting-Chocolate, are of EveryDay Importance.
Not that SKW starts everyday with LKC...oh wait!...Yes, I do...1 teaspoon HotCocoMix in Coffee...that's a DoubleChocolate Start.

No ChocolateSheep in the KnittingNest, but often there are Snickers Wrappers, MochaMohair, SheepShape ListPads and Pencil Toppers.
I have discovered 'Another Common Ailment' among Knitters.
LKC Syndrome.
Check out my LKC and 'Just SayYes-ToChocolate' Searchs ...
I especially recommend the 'Benefits of Chocolate' reading....It's very Justifying.

Now for the 'RealReason' for this ChocolateNess Post! Get out your SheepShaped PadNPencil! Oh! You may also need a ChocolateCalculator! Don't have one? I do!!>>>>>>
'Your Age By Chocolate Math'

#1...Pick the number of times a week you would like to have Chocolate...more than 1 and less than 10.
#2...Multiply that number by 2.
#3...Add 5
#4...Multiply by 50....good time to use the calculator and have a piece or 2 or 3 of chocolate.
#5...If you have already had your Birthday this year add 1759...If you haven't had your Birthday add 1758.
#6...Now Subtract the Four Digit Year you were Born.
You should have a 3 Digit Number.
The First Digit of this was your Original many times you want to have Chocolate in a week.

The Next Two Numbers are Your AGE!!!
Oh! Yes It Is!!!

2009 is the ONLY Year this Chocolate Math Formula will work.
A Chocolate Calculator is a Knitters Nest Must Have....Not Available at any YarnShop.
SKW will Share.
Please feel free to Touch (with your mouse) and take a Byte (right click & SavePictureAs) put it in your Nest (paste to your 'ChocolateFile') and
Share with Other ListMaking-Knitting-ChocoHolics!
Or send them this Link...SuKnitWitty.
PS...Thanks to my Quilting Friend Ellen for the Chocolate Calculator Math Formula. Apparently it works for Quilters, too.
PPS...DoNOT Touch the Chocolate-CherryDrippin-Pie with your Mouse...It is Mine!


  1. Mmmmmmmm. I'm making some hot chocolate.
    My lists are ridiculous. They start out reasonable and they morph into crazy!
    And maybe I'll try knitting socks ONE more time!

  2. mmmm.... chocolate
    The chocolate calculator looks yummy!! I sure could've used it when I was working on the budgets for NOAA
    And about the list thingy... Just today I was thinkin' I need to put up a cork board in my craft room so I can pin up some of my "lists"


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