Saturday, August 1, 2009


WORK???? Alas...Yes...Time for SuKnitWitty to do a Switcheroo to...SuQuiltWitty.
The Reason??? It's pretty simple...$$$$.
It's pretty complicated...$$$$.
Okay, I'll try to explain my 'SimplyComplexTheory'.

It's TooHOT to Quilt during the months of June-July-August.
SKW Spouse sez, "And, it's not TooHOT for Knitting with WOOL?"
Well, No...cause I don't have a LapFull of Blanket Knitting.
"You don't have a LapFull of Quilts when you Quilt...cause you have that BigOleQuilting Machine where Nothing touches you except the AC & Fans."
Well, It's Still TooHOT.

Meet 'Quilta Violetta'! She is a Gammill Optimum, SuQuiltGuided (not computerized) Quilting Machine. She runs on a 5' x 12' Stand with overhead light system and a 3 wheel roller system. QV and I have been partners since 1997.

Together we have quilted lots of SuQuiltWitty quilts (can't disclose the number-spouse has no clue) and (spouse has no clue) for OtherQuilters who love to piece the tops, but don't want to do the quilting. I design my own patterns that QV and I follow as a 'Pantagraph Pattern', and I also 'FreeHand' or Custom Quilt.

So why am I BackToQuilting....It's August in Texas....It's StillTooHOT! See the 'Rack' behind QV? Those are the 'ToBeQuilted Tops' and More are being scheduled...And....Here's the RealReason....I Want A Spinning Wheel. You knew it had to be about Knitting, huh?

Okay, that takes care of the BackToWork-Quilting part of this Post. Now...AUGUST...

The LoneStar Quilt reminds me of August, with it's Still Summer Green, it's Radiant Heat Colors and it's FallSunFlower print. Here is a closeup view showing the center star burst and the 'AllOver StitchPattern'...'DivineFronds'. August LoneStar is 58"x58".

AUGUST is the eighth month of the year in the Georgian Calendar, and is one of seven months that have 31 days.

Birthstone - Peridot

August Flower - Gladiolus

August rushes by like Desert Rainfall
A flood of frenzied upheaval.
But still catching me unprepared,
Like a match flame
Bursting on the scene,
Heat and haze of crimson sunsets.
Like a dream
Of moon and dark barely recalled,
A moment,
Shadows caught in a blink.
Like a quick kiss;
One wishes for more,
But it suddenly turns to leave.
Dragging summer away. Elizabeth M. Taylor

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  1. Hi Su!
    I love the GREEN! You are SO equipped! I wish you lived in Colorado!
    And the poem . . . lovely!
    Wand challenge is still going - so far, you are ahead! More about that later! Have a fun Sunday!


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