Thursday, August 20, 2009

A LittleHere..A LittleThere...Knitting

What's with these OtherLifeInterests taking time away from my Knitting?
HowDare my 'Quilt$$Patrons' take my cooler mornings...I could be sitting and knitting on the screened in porch.

HowDare my 'WWWednesdayTrio' force me to Read about Knitting when I should be DoingKnitting.
HowDare I buy another Knitting Book with Edgings I can't wait to Knit.

And, How DoubleDare InterWeave Knits put out the Fall Issue when it's still Summer, and while I'm still Knitting the Sweater from the Spring Issue.
I DareSay SuKnitWitty is easily Swayed by OtherInterests.
So, very quickly, I'll do a BookReport, List upcoming Reads, Edgings and InterWeave WannaMakes.

Book Report-Sins and Needles by Monica Ferris
A NeedleWork/KnitShop WhoDoneIt Mystery. Loved the Knitting parts..lots about Socks..(SSS not part of the mystery)..Inspired a few rows on my UFO Socks.
Especially liked the TexasGal Lucille. She was a GRIT with Good Texas Girl Manners (Yes, Sir) and a Bless His Heart'er when she made a statement about Uncle Stewart, "Bless His Heart, he's all hat and no cattle." Good read.
Thanks GinaP...I'll get to Mary Kruger's Knit Fast Die Young, Died In The Wool, and Maggie Sefont's Needled to Death and A Killer Stitch...I'll read a little here and there.

Speaking of A Little....
Look at These 'LittleThings' SusanB knitted to go with the BabySurpriseJacket.
SKW's Grand #4 is DueSoon!
He will be so Cute&Warm in these Knits.
Thanks SusanB...PrincessOfQuiteALot of Heart!

Okay...Back to Book Reports.
Knit Edgings.
Can't wait to do Scalloped 41
Leaf 67 and Lace 45

(Lace Cable is WayOverSKWSkills)...I know a Knit Teacher.

Aaaannnnnd...DoubleDare InterWeave Knits....Berry and Bramble Cardigan pg 46 and Every Way Wrap pg 48...and...well, that's it...for now. Back to Knitting...a little here and there.


  1. Hey! you forgot to say, "how dare blogging take time away from my knitting!!"
    Now I'm off to check my Interweave Knits magazine for the cardigan you mentioned (I'm battling startitis so I'm only looking... honest...just looking)

  2. Now, with that complete ensemble want Grand#4 being styling!!!

  3. Hm-m-m-m, was typing faster than I was a spellin'--won't Grand #4 be a stylin'!!

  4. I DaredNot mention if for Fear of a BlogSplode!

  5. Love the hat and SusanB made to go with the pretty BSJ.

  6. Why can't you move to Colorado and be my personal knitting mentor?


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