Monday, August 3, 2009


SunShine Cardigan

Catchy, huh? Caught my Eye for my FirstSweater.
Yep, I'm knitting a sweater. Even did a Swatch or two or three. Finally decided on #7circular needle and Medium size which says 40" bust....yeah right!
Which goes to show that SwatchSmugNess (I always Knit on Gauge), would find those #7's, SmSize CastOns, 3 skeins yarn, and quadrillion hours knitting with a sweater fit for....well, probably not SKW.

The First Treasure... Set of 10" Straights
in Leather Zipper Case. Sizes 1 through 11...Perfect condition. Found by Sister at an Antique Mall.

Mine...All Mine. She doesn't Knit...Why should She? She has SuKnitWitty! Mmmmm...That FanNFeather Scarf would be a nice Reward and Sister has a September Birthday. Surely, I can finish by then.

Second Treasure...Actually...Two Treasures.
Barbara Walkers A Treasury of Knitting Patterns and A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
Both First Editions and in Perfect Condition. Found by SKW at another Antique Mall for $2 each.

I am such a SuKnitLucky!

BTW have you seen The Walker Project website? Take a is so worth the QuickClick.

Three-and-One Tweed from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns was used for the TopBand on SKW's ScrapBagRibALong. I even SWATCHED. Don'tCha just love the 2Color Knitting? The ScrapBagRibALong is finished...all the Patterns are on the SideBoard.

One Persons CastOffs are SKW's CastOns! Thanks...One Person...and Sister.


  1. Fascinating! What finds! Love the funky ribs! I'm going to tell my neighbor about your amazing quilting machine. Someday, when I go back to quilt piecing, I'll feel safe working toward completion because of YOU Wonder-SKW!

  2. You are SuKnitLucky!! Wonderful treasure you found!

  3. The sweater is very pretty and I know you will do a great job.
    WOW Those needles and books are gold!!!!!
    I think I need a fair isle project.


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