Wednesday, August 26, 2009

JULIE & JULIA...TheTexasConnection

Girls Raised In Texas Can Cook!!!

Yep, It'd sure take a GRIT to tackle that 'Aspic' Recipe'....that's French for CalvesFeet...and I'd have dumped it in the sink on purpose.
Julia Childs Recipe...French LaTeDa Recipe...or would have been last on my list.
I could stick a duck no problem, but CalvesFeet.

No Thank-you, Mam'm.

Yes, the WednesdayKnitTrio went to see Julie & Julia.

Do I recommend it to You, my now TexasSpeakin&Spellin readers?

YouBetcha! Make that DoubleYouBetcha!

I remember watching Julia Childs on our BlackNWhite TV and her distinctive voice saying 'Bon'a Petite' !
But I don't remember my Mama ever fixin 'Aspic' or any other French dishes...unless you count Spaghetti and TexasFrenchBread (recipe..take semi-stale sliced white bread, slather with butter, sprinkle with GarlicPowder and Toast in the Oven Broiler...for not very long). There were eight of us around the table, so it was a Loaf of Rainbow Day Old Bread...and Oh! we thought we had died and gone to Paris heaven. About those 'CalvesFeet, we had a herd of calves feet out in the pasture...never crossed our minds to eat any...knew what they stepped in.

I'm pretty sure 'The Art of French Cooking' never made it into our CookBook Collection.
And here I am many years later getting on Amazons Waiting List for a CookBook.

So, Yes.....Go See Julie & Julia. Did it make an Impression on SuKnitWitty?

You be the Judge......

The Wednesday After
Julie & Julia......
SusanB-Knits...One of Trio...Fixes lunch.
Did I say Fixes...

Pardo'ne Madam...Prepared a Bona'Petite Fancy French Luncheon.

Maryland Crab Quiche

You knooow I had to look up the spellin on that one, and it was not in 1961 Websters....really!
So I called SusanB....who knew it would be a 'Q' word....not in Texas wonder I didn't find it under 'C' or 'K'.

Anyway...LOOK at this SPREAD!!!

The Trio of Julia's.....not Julie's....determined by age.

Our Hostess Served a Texas Wine..sorry Julia..when in Texas....

Gina, also a GRIT, wonders about the weeds in the Salad.
Sorry again, Julia....but it really does look like weeds.
However, the FancyFrench Vinegarette' made that the BestTastinWeedSalad ever.

SuKnitWitty, the original GRIT...Drank...I mean Sipped wine...GRIT manners, you know.
Are you wonderin about the Aprons, Hats and Pearls? If you have seen Julie & know...and if you haven't...well, you will.

While 'Dinning' at our 'GirlRaisedAsAYankee's Table, SKW had to address the use of 'Tools'. As you can see SusanB, 'Bless Her Heart',while very adept with the knife as a loader to the fork, was encouraged to try out it works even better as a weed pusher....with the side benefit of gettin a finger lickin good taste of that FancyFrenchVinegarette'.

How do you tell the Hostess "It's the 'Best You EverAte'?

In Texas...We Simply Clean the Plate!

Oh, and say, "Bone A Pet-te"!

PS...I must Share a couple of things about BeingJuliaForADay...#1, a SKW 'KitchenFAVQuote'..."Good Food - Good Friends - Good Times". And, #2... Big Girls can Play DressUp, too....It's a SuRule 4Ever....afterall, BigGirls Just Wanna Have Fun, too! But, oohhhh, my EarLobes....those ClipOn Pearls.


  1. So funny! I loved Julie and Julia, too. There's a waiting list for the cookbook? Sheesh! I'll have to find it somehow. You guys are festive!

  2. Looks like you "girls" had a great time! I can only imagine the fun conversation and laughter you three had....the table setting and food prep--beautiful and obviously, from the last picture, pretty yummy!! LS

  3. A fun time! I loved the movie and I love dressing up!! The best was learning to use the tool "TexasStyleFinger" It was a great day!

  4. Oh My G...! Ya'll crack me up! What will you think of next...i wonder?
    hugs "lil sis"

  5. Okay...let's see if I can do this! I'm hooked on SKW and yes I did see Julie and Julia (or whatever). What fun! And your luncheon (or whatever)! Soooo much fun.....specially the finger part! I'm still living vicariously through Sue.....

  6. YouDidIt!!!!Thanks for leaving a comment. Come least one more Julia Post to come...or as my 'lil sis'calls me now....

  7. SuLia...Lookin for JuliaCookBook.


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