Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alot AboutHats...ABit About Julia

Ahhh, Julia!!! You've Come A Long Way Lady! From Milliner to French Chef to Actress.
And now to SKW NewWordList...'Hat~Tress'.

Bonjour Ya'll...I've been brushing up on my French since seeing Julie and Julia. Somehow, the Texas accent keeps slippin in there, so keep in mind that GirlsRaisedInTexas CanSpeak French...with a TexasTwist.
We do love a 'Soriree', that's French for 'HatParty'...

The WednesdayKnitTrio of Julias 'Sorireed' right on over to the Wool N Cotton Shop with the best intentions of Knitting away the rest of Wednesday afternoon.

Which we did...for about five minutes.
It was the big 'HatDistraction'!

Shop 'Hat~Tress' and owner of SKW's WhitePetalPompadour (that's French forBigHairHat), Judith Lester joined the Soriree.


One thing that Judith and Julia have in common is Hand-Made Hats!
'Oui Oui', Judith has a collection of hats made by

'Katie, TheHatLady', from Whitefish, Montana.
These beautiful reproductions of vintage hats each have a story to tell and are embellished with vintage trims.

1926 Silk Cloche 'Field&Stream'

Judith models another Silk Cloche with the back shown in the VintagePinkVanity mirror.
'Tea In Lilac Park' and 'A Very Good Year' are featured on the vanity.
*Ces Fabuleux Chapeaux sont pour vente a' le Wool N Cotton Shop dans San Angelo, Texas

PostScriptum...*These Fabulous Hats are for sale at the Wool N Cotton Shop in San Angelo, Texas. Whew! I'm sure glad this is not an 'AudioPost'....I'm bettin Ya'll are too!


  1. It was a fun hat tryin' on SworeA of a time!!

  2. Wow! Looking at hats makes me thankful we don't wear them - I'd die of hot flashes instead of simply wilting! You guys are the fun and fancy knitting trio!

  3. I want hats...must have hats! When I come visit will go to Wool & Cotton Shop for a hat.


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