Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's An ATTITUDE...PINK...That Is!

What's the first thing you think about the color Pink?

Here's a SKW List to choose from:(sorry bout the preposition ending,TX grammar):
Pepto Bismol
Bubble Gum
Elvis' Pink Cadillac
Cotton Candy
Pink Pearl Eraser
Sewing Carousel

My Pink Knitting and Crocheting of late has been for Baby Girls.
Oh! You're wondering about the Pink List.....I'll get back to that later. Hang On! I've gotta take care of Pink Knitting Stuff.
As I was saying....I've finished the three Diaper Caddies I told you about .....back whenever.
'BabyBubba' has his and it's being put to good use....newborn diapers get changed alot....I hear....I just do alot of huggin & kissin and hand off for the rest.
I found a Blue Elephant for Jake's Caddy, and his Grandmother Vicki took it to him.
And here's Susan-B's Caddy for her GrandGirl due in January.
I found Piglet and Pooh at the Antique Barn....pretty lucky for me!
See the three skeins of PurpleyPinky Stuff? That's for one more Special Grandmother to be in December.
It's gonna be a surprise, but if you would care to venture a guess.....let me know your guess in the comment box.
Here's a Hint....This Grandma Luvs Pink.

Okay...Back to the Pink List.
What did ya pick as your #l Pink Think Thingy?
Let me guess. Was it Elvis' Pink Cadillac or Pepto Bismol?
No? Well, what then? Tell me in the comment box.

For now, I'll tell you about'll never guess, so here ya go...TaDa...

Pink Saturday!!!!!!

Why????Well, because Beverly at How Sweet The Sound says
"GET PINK...It's Not Just a Color...It's an ATTITUDE!"

So last Saturday I 'GOT A PINK ATTITUDE' and joined 166 other bloggers for
PINK SATURDAY...not as SKW, but as CollectInTexas Gal.

My Pink Topic had to do with the Pink Sewing Carousel on the Pink List and in the picture above.
But, that's not the most AmazingThing about Pink Saturday.

I had 54 Comments...Yes, I said 54.

I felt like 1/4 of a Yarn Harlot...knitters know what I mean.

Anyway here's the link to my First Pink Saturday. Go See...don't worry about commenting, my head is already bigger than a PinkBag of Cotton Candy.

While you are there you can visit some of the 'Pinkies' listed under 'Pink Saturday Blogs'...they are soooo Fun, Creative, Talented, Sharing, and more.....just like Knitters and Crocheters.

PS...Please come back to SKW and Leave Your Comment...I promise not to get a Diaper Caddy sized head.
PPS...Next time you see me, I may have PINK Haaair,Honey!


  1. Sue, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for this wonderful post, and for your kind e-mail.

    I've had a somewhat frustrating weekend, and you made my day. In fact, I have included you in my post tomorrow.

  2. Hi SKW!
    I love PINK, too. My favorite pink thing is strawberry milkshakes or maybe it's a pink peony. Well, maybe it's pink ribbons for beloved survivors!

  3. My #1 thought was pink bubble gum. I sure did chew a lot of that growing up. Gave it up... it makes my jaw hurt... all that chewing...
    Can't wait to see your pink hair!!

  4. I was not always into pink but have grown into loving makes a statement. Ta Da!
    hugs "LilSis"

  5. I just came over for a visit from Beverly's. What a lovely blog! I love all the pink crafty goodness on this post.
    Congrats on the birth on the post below. Love the pic of the grandmas knitting ;) Adorable

  6. You are up to 59 comments!!!!!


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